Tommy Zeigler an innocent Florida death row inmate caged wrongfully for 43 years The Truth Has Found Its Way To The Light”  

William Thomas Zeigler aka Tommy Zeigler Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty has been Tommy Zeigler’s pro bono investigator for 8 years
Investigator Carty’s investigation work product proves the true motive and real mastermind of the 1975 Christmas Eve murders
Lynn-Marie Carty’s investigation findings have been filed before the Florida Supreme and United States Supreme Courts
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Tommy Zeigler DNA Testing 2019 Orlando State Attorney Aramis Ayala Conviction Integrity Unit Now Reviewing Tommy’s Case 
Tommy Zeigler’s brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. was the mastermind of the 1975 quadruple Christmas Eve murders for which
William Thomas Zeigler Jr. remains caged innocent on death row in Florida for 43 years awaiting his exoneration

Who Was The Mastermind Of The Zeigler Furniture Store Murders? Tommy Zeigler’s Brother In Law Perry Edwards Jr. Here

Court Record Complaint Document filed against Perry Edwards Jr. for the beating and abuse of his family. Here Perry Edwards Jr. punched his pregnant daughter in the face with his fist then forced her to terminate her pregnancy. Perry Edwards Jr. chased his grandson in-law outside a daycare center and screamed:

 “I will put you in jail for the rest of your life boy. I’m an Edwards. I have done it before and I will do it again.”  Said Perry Edwards Jr. to his grandson-in-law in public.

Perry Edwards Jr. hired the gang to attack his own brother in law, Tommy on Christmas Eve 1975 in Winter Garden, Florida. The true motive was greed, revenge and extreme jealousy felt by Perry Edwards Jr. toward his respected, beloved, hard working businessman, community leader, brother in law Tommy Zeigler.

Hear Tommy Zeigler in his own words speaking in video clips below to Orlando NBC news anchor Greg Fox about the newly uncovered facts that prove the identity of the real mastermind of the Zeigler Furniture Store murders, Mr. Zeigler’s own brother in law Perry Edwards Jr.

Tommy Zeigler NBC WESH Orlando TV news November 9, 2015 6:00 PM Click Here for a news story about the case of Florida Death Row Inmate William Thomas Zeigler by WESH reporter Greg Fox. Also please Click Here for full 30 minute raw interview with Tommy Zeigler and Greg Fox.

Tommy Zeigler NBC WESH Orlando TV News November 10, 2015 Click Here reporter Greg Fox talks about the hope that William Thomas Zeigler Jr. still has to obtain justice after being caged on Florida’s death row for 43 years.

The prosecution used Tommy’s brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. as their confidential informant. He was the mastermind of the murders.

Those who have studied the newly uncovered facts that prove beyond any doubt the real mastermind and motive of the Zeigler murders can see clearly how Tommy’s case went all wrong and stayed stuck in the mire for decades. The small minded few who reject the newly uncovered facts and documents that prove the true mastermind and true motive of the Zeigler murders remain less concerned about the truth being told and more concerned about protecting their own egos and mantra of never admitting their theories are wrong.

” I’m Already Free!” Here now on I-Tunes by Dennis Wallace lyrics by Lynn-Marie Carty

“Knowing Tommy Zeigler is innocent, ignoring it and failing to urgently take all actions available to exonerate him, is a moral injustice that should be punished to the full extent of the law as a crime of cruelty upon our fellow man who is now a suffering senior citizen. If there is not a law against that, there needs to be.” Lynn-Marie Carty, Investigator.

William Thomas Zeigler Case January 4, 2019 WFLA Keith Cate Breaking News Orange County Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s Conviction Integrity Unit Reviewing Tommy Zeigler’s Conviction Here

Prayers with The Holy Father Pope Francis fill us with hope that soon Tommy Zeigler will be exonerated

Pope Francis looks at a picture of Tommy Zeigler and others in a book presented to him by Brother Dale and Sister Susan. Their Italian translator is pointing to Tommy’s picture in the book. June 11, 2019 
Keith Cate WFLA Tampa Bay News October 29, 2018 Will Tommy Zeigler be the next death row inmate in Florida to be exonerated?  Here
Tommy Zeigler Case January 4, 2019 Tampa Bay Times breaking news Orange County Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s Conviction Integrity Unit now reviewing the case of William Thomas Zeigler Jr.  Here

The Sunshine State of Florida has the most wrongful convictions in the USA 

Tommy Zeigler podcast Blood and Truth episode 2 Here
Tampa Bay Times Editorial December 1, 2018 Here 
“Blood and Truth” Tampa Bay Times by Leonora LaPeter Anton and Cherie Diez
Six Part Series Begins November 25, 2018 Here
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DNA Proved Tommy Zeigler is Innocent 15 Years Ago  Here

William Thomas Zeigler aka Tommy Zeigler’s fingerprint was NOT found in the tip of a rubber glove at the crime scene  Here

Tommy Zeigler Case Key Material Witness Felton Thomas who testified he fired the murder weapons at  Mr. Zeigler’s request now admits that never happened!!!  Here 

This website contains the copyrighted work product of Tommy’s Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty. It has taken years of in-depth pro bono investigation work by her to compile all of the photographs, information, facts and documents available on this website. Please do not take any photographs, documents or anything else from this website that are the work product of this investigator and use them or edit them in any way without the written permission of Mr. Zeigler’s Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty and her attorney. Thanks in advance for the respect. 

Below is some of the most recently discovered key evidence supporting the innocence of William Thomas Zeigler Jr. by his investigator Lynn-Marie Carty. The prosecutions key material witness of the Zeigler Furniture Store murders was career felon Robert Foster. The statements of Robert Foster against Tommy Zeigler were used to arrest Mr. Zeigler from his hospital bed while he was recovering from emergency surgery after being shot and left to die on the floor of his families Zeigler Furniture Store on Christmas Eve 1975.

It is important to note that Robert Foster was a close friend of Charlie Mays. Charlie Mays was found dead on the floor of the Zeigler Furniture Store on the night of the 1975 Christmas Eve quadruple Zeigler Furniture Store murders. Charlie Mays told his family he was going to the closed Zeigler Furniture store after dark to purchase a color television set from Tommy Zeigler on the night of the Zeigler Furniture Store murders.

The prosecution wanted everyone to believe that Charlie Mays was just an innocent victim who went to the closed Zeigler Furniture store after dark to buy a color tv set and ended up being murdered by Tommy Zeigler. Charlie Mays was already implicated in crimes prior to the Zeigler Furniture Store murders. Charlie Mays was one of the gang of attackers, robbers and murderers at the Zeigler Furniture store on Christmas Eve 1975. Charlie Mays was at the store that night with his good friend, career felon on parole, Robert Milton Foster.

The lead detective for the prosecution Donald Frye, turned career felon key material states witness Robert Foster, into a ” typographical error” three weeks after the Zeigler Furniture Store murders. Prosecution detective Don Frye did this by claiming Robert Foster was never a real human being in the Zeigler Furniture store murder case after all. The facts prove that Robert Milton Foster had already escaped from his armed robbery prison sentences 4 times by the time of the 1975 Christmas Eve Zeigler Furniture Store Murders.

In 1971 while on the run after escaping from his felony prison sentence, escapee Robert Milton Foster was caught in the act by police. Robert Milton Foster was found hiding behind boxes inside the Pearlman’s Furniture Store where he and his brother were robbing the FURNITURE STORE OF COLOR TELEVISION SETS.

Prosecution Detective Don Frye signed this arrest report with Robert Foster’s name written on it 4 times. Here Detective Frye named Robert Foster a key witnesses against Tommy Zeigler. Detective Frye used the statements of Robert Foster on the arrest report to arrest Tommy Zeigler in his hospital bed and take him to jail for the Zeigler Furniture store murders.
Robert Foster’s name was then printed in newspapers as a key witness against Tommy Zeigler for the next 3 weeks from December 31,1975 Here until January 16, 1976 Here including on the day of the Preliminary Hearing, January 16, 1976 Here. Robert Foster never showed up at the Preliminary Hearing. The day before the January 16, 1976 hearing was the day Robert Foster was taken off parole. Robert Foster has been on parole many times. His previous felony crimes include Armed Robberies which involved placing duct tape over the eyes of a store manager during his money drop in order to rob the man of his night deposit money Here  This of course sounds very familiar to what was reported to police by 3 witnesses and documented on a police report that the Prosecution hid from the Defense at the 1976 Zeigler Furniture Store quadruple murder trial.
The hidden police report documents in great detail the events witnesses observed. The hidden police report states that all the witnesses watched 2 suspicious black men drive into the parking lot of TGY at 9pm on Christmas Eve 1975 and park their dark blue car. The suspicious men then exited the car and walked over to a dark area located between the two stores. Witnesses said one man was large and stood over 6 feet tall and the other man was shorter.
The 2 men stood in the shadows between the TGY store and the Food World store. The witnesses then went over to the dark blue car and looked inside. They saw a shotgun sitting on the seat. They also wrote down the tag number of the license plate that was on the dark blue vehicle sitting in the well-lit parking lot. The men standing in the shadows were obviously there to meet up with the others in their group who also later testified at the Zeigler murder trial that they ran across the street to the TGY after the Zeigler Furniture Store murders.
Officer Cindy Blaylock was in the middle of helping the TGY store manager George Daniels with his night deposit money drop.  However while the officer was doing so, she got orders from Officer Yawn to get over to the Zeigler Furniture Store right away. There had been a robbery there. The officer then jumped into her police car and went across the street to the Zeigler Furniture store. This took half a minute.
The witnesses saw the 2 suspicious men jump into their dark blue car with their shotgun inside and it appeared to the witnesses that the bad guys were chasing the officer to steal the money she had collected from the store deposit money drop. What the witnesses reported to the police as being an averted armed robbery at the TGY within feet of the Zeigler Furniture store was really the men who were hired to attack Tommy Zeigler meeting up across the street with the rest of the gang as planned after the deed was done.
The State of Florida prosecution against Tommy Zeigler took it upon themselves to hide this averted armed robbery police report from the judge, jury and Zeigler defense team. Here and Here and Here  However, it’s plain to see by reading the averted armed robbery police report that was hidden from the Zeigler defense team, judge and jury that the Winter Garden police department thought the threat of the suspicious armed men was so dangerous, real and concerning to them and their fellow police officers and citizens that the Winter Garden Police Department issued a teletype emergency BOLO to all police departments in the area to be on the lookout for the 2 armed black men in the dark blue car who may be following police officers and business owners as they are doing their night deposits in order to rob them. Just imagine the end result of the Zeigler Furniture Store murder trial if all this information was provided to the Defense by the Prosecution, instead of hidden. 
Also, it is a shame and an injustice that the State of Florida deprived the Zeigler Defense Team of the knowledge of Robert Milton Foster’s prior felony conviction for his 1971 Pearlman Furniture Store Robbery which involved all too familiar items, TWO TV SETS! Here and Here and Here Inside the Pearlman Furniture store hiding behind some boxes is the place where police found escaped felon Robert Foster. At the time of the 1971 Pearlman Furniture Store robbery, Robert Milton Foster was on the run. He had escaped from his sentence of working on the road crews after a previous armed robbery. By 1975 Robert Foster had FOUR Escapes listed on his record while working on the inmate road crews.
Most of Robert Foster’s escapes occurred before 1975, the year of the Zeigler Furniture murders. See Robert Foster’s escape record Here and his attempted murder for shooting at a teacher while on the run after escaping from the Inmate Road Crews he was sentenced to work on Here Thankfully Robert Foster failed to hit the teacher in her home with the bullet he fired from his gun at her. In 2011 Robert Foster proudly displayed his prison Identification Card to former Pinellas County, Florida sheriff’s detective Calvin Dennie Here It’s very interesting when deputy prison warden from Georgia Perry Edwards Jr., whose father, mother and sister were murdered in the Zeigler Furniture Store, mentions 2 subjects to the journalist who wrote this story about him as he attended the Zeigler trial, one was his passion for softball. Inmate softball was common in those days. The other subject Perry Edwards Jr. mentioned to the Sentinel reporter is how hard he worked his prisoners who are sentenced to work on the Road Crews. Here 
Robert Foster was sentenced to work the inmate road crews. Here Robert Foster escaped from his sentence of working on the inmate road crews many times. At one point he escaped in 1971 and was not captured until 1974.  During that time, Robert Foster was arrested and did time in jail in Marion County in the Florida Keys in 1972 for another armed robbery. He was sentenced to time served in that case. Here He used his brother’s alias of Freeman but when the police ran his fingerprints they found out it was Robert Milton Foster. When Robert Foster, according to his own statements to investigators Calvin Dennie and Lynn-Marie Carty was picked up in North Carolina by Orange County, Florida detectives after he was released from prison there and placed on parole for another robbery he was returned back to Orange County, Florida by the authorities in the summer of 1975. At that time Robert Foster was on the softball team with his friend Charlie Mays. This was the softball team located in Winter Garden Florida in the fall of 1975, in the months before the Zeigler Furniture Store murders.
Retired police dispatcher Mary Wallace knew Robert Foster and Charlie Mays and saw them together many times. She was also Ed Williams land lady and she saw Robert Foster with Ed Williams on the night of the murders. She kept the roster for the softball team they all played on with her own husband Dean.  Here  Robert Foster’s name was printed as a key witness in the Zeigler Furniture Store murders from December 31, 1975- January 16, 1976. However when William Thomas Zeigler Jr’s attorney’s asked Prosecution Detective Don Frye where Robert Foster was in January 1976 when he suddenly disappeared and did not show up at the Preliminary hearing, they were told Robert Foster was never a real person in the Zeigler quadruple murder case. Not one journalist who had written about all the drama involving  Robert Foster for the three weeks prior seemed to be at all concerned.
State of Florida’s Detective Don Frye first claimed the name Robert Foster did not even ring a bell for him Here Then after that did not work Detective Don Frye told the Defense Robert Foster was just all a great big mistake. It was a name that accidentally got into his mind. Here In a new interview in 2014 Detective Don Frye changed his story about Robert Foster’s name on his arrest report one more time. This time he did not take the blame for his mistake like he did during the Zeigler murder case trial. This time he blamed another officer for the big ” mistake.” Here
Don Frye continued to insist that career felon Robert Foster never really existed in the Zeigler Furniture Store murder case. Detective Don Frye swore Robert Foster was never a real person. He was merely a typo everyone kept reading about in their newspapers as a key witness for  3 weeks but Don Frye never once called the newspaper to fix Don Frye’s ” Typographical Error??” In 2014 Prosecution Detective Don Frye also admitted in a videotaped interview that yes there was an attempted armed robbery on Christmas Eve at the Gulf Station across the street from the Zeigler Furniture store and the suspect was a black man and a police report was written. But Don Frye took it upon himself to decide the man was not Robert Foster. Don Frye also decided that the Zeigler Defense team didn’t need to know about the police report on the Gulf Station attempted armed robbery! Hear Detective Don Frye in his own words Here
Imagine if you will for just one moment what the Zeigler Furniture Store Murders trial would have looked like with Robert Milton Foster and all his crimes laid out on the stand testifying against the good name of William Thomas Zeigler. The prosecution knew Robert Foster committed all of these dangerous crimes before the year 1975 and they had to make Robert Milton Foster disappear. It worked for almost 4 decades. It’s not going to work anymore. Now the truth has been uncovered and exposed to everyone by Tommy Zeigler’s pro bono investigator of 8 years, Lynn-Marie Carty. What will you do about this powers that be in the State of Florida? Anything at all?
Tommy Zeigler’s brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. was a Deputy Prison Warden from Moultrie Georgia. Here  He has a history of extreme violence against his family. He beat his family, he punched his pregnant daughter in the face and “dropped her to the ground like a man.” Perry Jr.’s wife Sandra filed this record of his abuse with the court in Georgia  Here  Perry Edwards Jr. was the son of two of the Zeigler Furniture Store murder victims Mr. and Mrs. Perry Edwards Sr. and the brother of another, Eunice Edwards Zeigler. He was the sole survivor of the family who did not like him. He did not even attend his only sibling Eunice’s wedding to Tommy Zeigler in the years prior to the murder.
Prosecution Detective Don Frye used Perry Edwards Jr. as his confidential informant on the Zeigler murder case!!! Here Detective Don Frye even admitted on a videotaped interview in 2014 that he and the murder victims’ son Perry Edwards Jr. had sleepovers at each other’s homes!!  Here  What kind of states detective does that? Perry Edwards Jr. lied to the Zeigler Defense Team investigators constantly during their investigation. Perry Edwards Jr. even made up a story that his brother in law Tommy Zeigler was secretly gay having affairs with over two dozen prominent business men in town and that his sister Eunice found this out and that is why Tommy Zeigler had to kill her!  Here  Perry Edwards Jr. also told a reporter for the Sentinel Star newspaper at the Zeigler murder trial in June 1976 how he works the Road Crew prisoners hard so they don’t fight. He also stated that he runs the prison softball teams. Here and Here. The state of Florida’s typographical error Robert Milton Foster was sentenced to and often escaped from his sentence on the PRISONER ROAD CREWS and was on the Winter Garden Softball team with his friend Charlie Mays in the months before the Zeigler Furniture Store Murders. Here
Robbery Map of both incidents. Here The Gulf Station attempted armed robbery and what was reported by 3 different citizen witnesses at 9PM as the averted armed robbery.  Both took place on the night of the Zeigler Furniture Store murders across the street from the murder scene. Tommy and his loved ones were shot by robber attackers and were dying on the floor of his store.
Original Zeigler Defense Team investigator notes show Robert Foster was a suspect in the case from the very beginning. Here He is not a typographical error. That is a Lie.

2017 DNA Cert Petition filed with the United States Supreme Court September 05, 2017 Here Tommy Zeigler’s lawyers would like nothing more than to pay for modern touch DNA testing to prove the innocence of Tommy Zeigler. The courts and the powers that be who could make this happen stay silent. Are they hoping 73 year old 42 years caged William Thomas Zeigler Jr. will drop dead soon so they all will never have to admit the truth? They were wrong, they hid the most important evidence and they knew all along that Robert Milton Foster was a career felon with a massive criminal record. Making Robert Foster disappear and turning him into a ” typographical error” should be a crime.

William Thomas Zeigler Jr. is still waiting on death row in Florida for justice.

William Thomas Zeigler Jr. turned 73 July 25, 2018. He has spent 42 years suffering, innocent in a cage on death row in Florida.
Tommy Zeigler says, “Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty has solved my case.”
Tommy Zeigler says, “There are no more loose ends. This puzzle is put together.”  Click Here
Tommy Zeigler says, “Here’s the evidence that ties it all together that no one ever looked at.” Click Here
Tommy Zeigler’s brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. Is the true mastermind of the quadruple 1975 murders

In February 1976 FBI Reports Proved All The States Blood ” Evidence” Against Zeigler Was Bogus

Judge Maurice Paul overrides jury recommendation at 1976 trial after sending in drugs for holdout juror without informing Mr. Zeigler’s defense lawyers in the death penalty case of William Thomas Zeigler click here to hear juror who was drugged tell her truth.

Tommy Zeigler Florida Supreme Court Appeal Filed November 23, 2016 Here Please read the newly filed appeal and review the astonishing investigation findings over the past 5 years of Mr. Zeigler’s pro bono, private investigator Lynn-Marie Carty. 

Tommy Zeigler May 8, 2017 Motion for Rehearing Florida Supreme Court Here Florida Supreme Court June 6, 2017 
DNA Motion Filed July 2, 2015
Memorandum Of Law in Support of DNA Motion Filed July 2, 2015
State Of Florida’s Response To Tommy Zeigler’s DNA Testing Request September 23, 2015  Click Here 

Gratitude to Dennis Tracey and David Michaeli of Hogan Lovells New York, NY. for their great work.

Welcome aboard Javier Peral II of Hogan Lovells Miami, FL.

Lady Justice is on the ground, fallen down from the weight of the evidence of the innocence of William Thomas Zeigler.

Please contact Mr. Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty, if you have any information about the murders  727.201.4222 E-Mail  and Please also visit us at 

Tommy Zeigler has endured 42 years of suffering wrongfully. Tampa Bay Times Here Local Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty Hopes Evidence Will Help Free Death Row Inmate and Washington Post  

William Thomas Zeigler aka ” Tommy” Booked 1975  Now In 2017 Still Waiting For Justice    

State Attorney Jeff Ashton’s Cardinal Sin In 2004 In Order To Keep Mr. Zeigler From Being Exonerated

After working for months reviewing every word of the trial transcripts Tommy Zeigler’s Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty uncovered Jeff Ashton’s 2004 cardinal sin. Ashton refuses to speak about the lie investigator Carty has uncovered. In 2004 Ashton told the lie in open court in order to preserve his own ego, career and the conviction of Tommy Zeigler. Here is the truth of the lie that was uncovered 5 years ago by Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty. Jeff Ashton’s 2004 lie about Tommy’s fingerprint in a rubber glove found at crime scene Click Here It’s all a lie. This is why the conviction of William Thomas Zeigler must be overturned now and a new trial granted. This lie and the proof of it was sent by Investigator Carty to Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Tommy Zeigler with his Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty. She has worked on Tommy’s case pro bono full time for 6 1/2 years. It’s obvious to those who have studied the case facts over the past 41 years that Tommy Zeigler is innocent. After 37 years of not knowing who really did it or why, Tommy Zeigler’s case was finally solved. As a result of her years of dedication to the case, Investigator Carty has unearthed the exonerating facts and uncovered the hidden truth regarding the real mastermind of the murders and his motive. Tommy Zeigler’s own brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. is the man who is responsible for the murders. Perry Edwards Jr. hired the gang of men who participated in the murders. They were going to be paid $1,000.00 each. Little did the hired gang know that Perry Edwards Jr.  had plans to get rid of them too, after they completed what he hired them to do. Prosecution Detective Don Frye ” danced with the devil” when he went so far as to use Perry Edwards Jr. as the state’s confidential informant on the case!  When recalling his relationship with Perry Edwards Jr. several years ago, the lead detective for the prosecution Don Frye freely admits to having sleep overs at each other’s homes during the course of the case. Click Here Mr. Zeigler’s lawyers have filed the truth, along with the newly uncovered evidence in a new motion for DNA testing. They argued the facts before The Honorable Judge Reginald Whitehead on March 31, 2016.  DNA Denied Tommy Zeigler 2016. Judge Reginald Whitehead has ruled to DENY Tommy Zeigler’s request for DNA testing July 18, 2016  

P.I. Magazine October 2016 P.I. Lynn-Marie Carty: Her work may free Tommy Zeigler from Florida’s Death Row 

Page 1   Page 2   Page 3

Breaking News! Meet the new Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala. She cares about justice for ALL!

Click Here For Election Story

 “I’m a fighter, and at some point goodness does win. At some point, what you believe in, wholesome, what’s right, what stands, can win, and I never gave up on that,” said Aramis Ayala.

Pictured below meet the loser, former Orange-Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton 

Jeff Ashton sitting in the courtroom fighting against DNA testing for 72 year old Tommy Zeigler caged on Florida’s death row for 42 years

Take a look at Jeff Ashton and his flock in the courtroom. These are the faces of the people who are against allowing Tommy Zeigler DNA testing to continue to prove his innocence. Perry Edwards Jr.’s Family. Why? There’s Perry Jr.’s daughter Jenny Melissa Edwards who Perry Jr. punched in the face and forced to have an abortion when she was pregnant, for Court Document proof Click Here.  There’s Perry Edwards Jr.’s other daughter Ginger Edwards, along with Perry Edwards Jr’s wife Sandra May Edwards. Sandra May is the one who filed court documents telling a judge that her husband Perry Edwards Jr. told her he was going to kill her and had committed horrible beatings on his entire family. For Court Document Click Here. They are sitting with their protector Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton of the Ashley Madison Sex Scandal Fame and the Friend Finder Website Sex Scandal. We all know DNA proves the TRUTH. These people look scared to death to allow the truth to be known to the public by allowing DNA testing for Tommy Zeigler. Why are they fighting so hard to prevent the truth from coming out? We know the answer. We have solved the case. Take a look at the real mastermind of the Zeigler Christmas Eve  Murders, Perry Edwards Jr. Click Here

In 2012 Tommy Zeigler’s Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty tracked down and interviewed eye ear witnesses from the night of the murders who have never been heard by the court. Their names are Linda and Ken Roach.

Eye, Ear Witnesses Ken and Linda Roach (video)

Ken Roach, his wife Linda and their children, were on the scene when the murders occurred. Then they contacted the Orange County, FL. State Attorneys Office to share the information their ears heard and their eyes saw. They were told their information was not needed. Ken Roach and his wife Linda saw and heard the most important evidence of all in the Zeigler case. They passed two polygraph tests regarding what they saw and heard that night. Their sworn statements tell it all.

Ken Roach 1  Ken Roach 2  Ken Roach 3   Linda Roach 1  Linda Roach 2  Linda Roach 3

Here’s my lingering question to one of the journalist who wrote about the Zeigler case in 1975: How does a journalist feel upon being notified that he was duped by police sources in 1975 when writing a series of stories that helped wrongfully convict a man of quadruple murder? What would that reporter have to say about this all these years later in 2016?

On December 31, 1975 journalist Paul Jenkins wrote these words in the Orlando Newspaper The Sentinel Star. The headline read,” Witness At Killings Begs For Jail”.  Click Here Then reporter Paul Jenkins went on to write all about the key material witness. Paul Jenkins wrote that a key material witness was begging to be put in jail. Click Here Reporter Paul Jenkins wrote that  POLICE SOURCES were giving him information on this key material witness. His name was Robert Foster. In that newspaper story, Paul Jenkins who is now an award winning, respected, career journalist wrote: ” Police Sources said Foster never entered the store. They said Mays walked in first, discovered a woman’s body on the floor, and yelled to Foster to ” get out of here.”  Click Here My question to Paul Jenkins is how did he feel a few weeks after he wrote these series of stories about the Zeigler quadruple murder case and Robert Foster’s actions in the case, when the state’s lead investigator Detective Don Frye, who had typed Robert Foster’s name on the arrest report of Mr. Zeigler 4 times, Click Here, then declared that there was really no key material witness in the case by the name of Robert Foster after all?! Click Here and Click Here and Click Here and Click Here Did Sentinel Star reporter Paul Jenkins ever wonder why for 3 full weeks up until the day of the preliminary hearing the state let these lies continue to be printed in the newspaper with the name of key material witness Robert Foster clearly stated in his stories, the same name the state subsequently claimed was all wrong 3 weeks later? Could this be the reason why the state made Robert Foster into a typo? Click Here ( By his own admission on the telephone speaking to Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty, Robert Foster said he was let out of prison on parole in the summer of 1975 and delivered to Orange County, Florida by law enforcement.)  Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty has e-mailed all of this information to Paul Jenkins but he has yet to reply.

How far did the Orange County, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton go to keep a wrongful conviction and avoid admitting the truth of the big ” mistake?”  Here is a letter sent by Mr. Zeigler’s investigator, Lynn-Marie Carty to Florida Governor Rick Scott on April 20, 2016 requesting he investigate Orange County, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton Click Here Also see the following attachments, Florida Bar Complaint filed on September 8, 2015. Page 1 Page 2 Florida Bar Response Page 1 Page 2 John Robert Eagan arguing at trial Tommy’s blood was on Mr. Edwards shirt Click Here John Robert Eagan cross-examined Tommy about Mr. Edwards blood on his shirt Click Here Jeff Ashton’s 2004 lie about Tommy’s fingerprint in a rubber glove found at crime scene Click Here Jeff Ashton at 2004 hearing intimating to the court that Tommy performed a homosexual sex act on the dead body of Charlie Mays Page 1 Page 2  Page 3  Now Jeff Ashton has the nerve to say, ” It would be nice to get Zeigler done.” Click Here

State Attorney Jeff Ashton Fought Hard To Keep Tommy Zeigler Caged

Orlando Prosecutor Now State Attorney Jeff Ashton August 29, 2012 Click Here

DNA Testing Proved That State Attorney Jeff Ashton’s Statement On Unsolved Mysteries About Key Blood Evidence Is A Lie Click Here Tommy DID NOT Have His Father In-Laws Blood On The Under Arm Of His Shirt.

If Ashton is so sure that DNA testing won’t make any difference why is he so against it? The taxpayers are not paying for it.

Tommy Zeigler Transcript March 31, 2016 Hearing Click Here. Why would the Orange County Florida State Attorney’s Office fight so hard against DNA testing if they are true to the oaths they took to be on a pursuit of the truth? Ego’s? Politics? Career’s? State Of Florida’s Response And Objection To Motion For Discovery February 22, 2016 Click Here

William Thomas Zeigler April 6, 2016 Defendant’s Response to state submission regarding the state’s new raincoat argument  Click Here State Attorney Orange County Florida Response April 7, 2016  Click Here  Defendant’s Response In Opposition To The State’s Motion To Strike April 8, 2016 Click Here

At 1976 Zeigler murder trial key prosecution witness Felton Thomas testified Tommy Zeigler took him to an orange grove on the night of the murders and told him to fire some guns. Click Here and Click Here for Felton Thomas 1976 testimony. Now Felton Thomas says he never touched or fired any of the guns. Felton says that when the police asked him on the night of the murders if he fired any of the guns he told them NO! To hear Felton in his own words Click Here

Jeff Ashton also told the judge that Tommy Zeigler needed to say on death row because of the testimony of Felton Thomas.  Click Here Felton Thomas has recently recanted major elements of his trial testimony. Felton Thomas now says he was never shown a lineup, that police told him they had their man and their man was Tommy Zeigler and contrary to his trial testimony Felton Thomas also says now that he never touched or fired any of the murder weapons. Click Here

Transcript of conversation with Felton Thomas Jr. now Felton Thomas says he never fired or touched any of the guns, that he was NEVER shown a line up and that the police told him who it was.


OFFICIAL FBI LAB REPORTS KNOWN SINCE FEBRUARY 26, 1976 PROVES NONE OF THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE MATCHED WILLIAM THOMAS ZEIGLER JR. HOWEVER… At a 2004 Court Hearing on the Zeigler case held before the Honorable Judge Reginald Whitehead, while discussing the DNA results, Orange County, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton put damning false information on the court record in open court in front of the Honorable Judge Reginald Whitehead. The false information has never been corrected in the court record. The Orange County Florida Prosecutors Office has had These FBI Lab Results since February 26, 1976, but that did not stop State Attorney Jeff Ashton from telling the court and the Honorable Judge Reginald Whitehead the damning false information that William Thomas Zeigler’s fingerprint was found in the torn of tip of a rubber glove found at the crime scene. Jeff Ashton claimed that is one of the reasons why Mr. Zeigler must stay in his cage on death row in Florida where he has been for almost 40 years. Please tell us when is it ok to put fraud upon the court in a quadruple death penalty case by a State Attorney? Tommy Zeigler is innocent.

Tommy Zeigler’s full time pro bono Investigator  Lynn-Marie Carty with has worked hard to solve Mr. Zeigler case

Tommy Zeigler’s full time pro bono Investigator  Lynn-Marie Carty with has worked hard to solve Mr. Zeigler case. She continues to fight for his exoneration. Working together with Investigator Carty, former Pinellas County Sheriff’s Captain Cal Dennie has completed important investigation work on the Zeigler case.

Police Dispatcher Mary Wallace tells of” Bloody Gun In Corn Plant,” removed from crime scene during Zeigler murder investigation Click Here 

Prosecution Detective Don Frye Lied when he said the Van of Charlie Mays was never processed for fingerprints. Click Here 

William Thomas Zeigler Jr. Tampa Bay Times July 4, 2015 and  February 22, 2014 

Tommy Zeigler Sheriff Everett Rice December 22, 2015 Click Here 

Tommy Zeigler NBC WESH Orlando TV news November 9, 2015 6:00 PM Click Here for a news story about the case of Florida Death Row Inmate William Thomas Zeigler by WESH reporter Greg Fox. Also please Click Here for full 30 minute raw interview with Tommy Zeigler and Greg Fox.

Tommy Zeigler NBC WESH Orlando TV News November 10, 2015 Click Here reporter Greg Fox talks about the hope that William Thomas Zeigler Jr. still has to obtain justice after being caged on Florida’s death row for almost 40 years.

The Truth

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Tommy Zeigler Orlando Sentinel September 26, 2015  Scott Maxwell Tommy Zeigler Deserves DNA Testing

William Thomas Zeigler Daily Pilot September 26, 2015 Scott Maxwell

Tommy Zeigler Speaks Of His Truth Serum Tests, Polygraph Test And His DNA Test Requests Click Here

After hearing Tommy Zeigler’s comments in the video clip posted above, it is important to put his comments about the Orlando Sentinel into context. The Former Vice President of the Orlando Sentinel Dave Burgin admitted that his newspaper’s flawed journalism in 1975 helped wrongfully convict Tommy Zeigler. Here is the clemency letter Mr. Burgin wrote to then Governor Jeb Bush. Mr. Zeigler is now elated and most grateful that recently in 2015 times have changed at the Orlando Sentinel. Tommy is extremely pleased at the recent efforts of Orlando Sentinel journalist Scott Maxwell’s attempt to write the fair and balanced truth about his wrongful conviction.

Pinellas County Sheriff Everett Rice

Pinellas County FL. Former Sheriff Everett Rice says he believes that William Thomas Zeigler is innocent

Zeigler Prosecution Blood Sexpert Herb MacDonnell

Tommy Zeigler’s Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty’s letter/report to child molester, State Of Florida’s blood expert Herbert MacDonell regarding lies about the Zeigler case in his book titled ” The Evidence Never Lies.”  Click Here

Dr. Herb MacDonell prosecution blood Expert in William Thomas Zeigler Jr. December 25, 1975 murder case whose testimony keeps Tommy Zeigler caged on Florida’s Death Row for 39 years Is arrested for Sexpert and Sextortionist abuse.

Tommy Zeigler 2015 State Of Florida’s Blood Sexpert Dr. Herbert Leon MacDonell Cannot Be Trusted. He has been molesting young girls since 1968. Dr. Herbert Leon MacDonell is a forensic fraud. His critical testimony in the Zeigler case has been proven wrong though DNA testing. He claimed Tommy Zeigler held his father in law in a head lock and beat him to death. DNA proved Dr. Herb MacDonell who is a Sexual Predator was all wrong about Tommy Zeigler beating and killing his father in law. Dr. Herb MacDonell also lied about sexually abusing young girls. Dr, Herb MacDonell was arrested for his crimes or sexually abusing little girls. Here is Dr Herb MacDonell’s mugshotHighly respected victim, his niece Karen Austin, filed a motion/affidavit in support of DNA testing for Mr. Zeigler. 

This blood expert stated that he believed Tommy Zeigler was of the ” AC/DC persuasion.” The expert also went along with the prosecution’s flawed theory that Tommy Zeigler was a closet homosexual caught cheating on his wife with other men and that was his motive for the Zeigler furniture store murders. This same man Dr. Herb MacDonell has now been arrested multiple times for sex crimes against young women. DNA testing also proved Dr. Herb MacDonell was wrong when he testified that Tommy Zeigler had his father in laws blood on his shirt from beating him to death while holding him in a headlock.

Both police reports of both robberies were hidden from the defense, judge and jury by the prosecution by the Orange County, Florida State Attorney’s Office on a quadruple murder death penalty case.

Click here for Robbery Map

How many armed robberies could logically occur within feet of, directly across the street from and within the hours of quadruple murders, and not be connected to the murders? Tommy’s brother in law hired the gang of men to commit the murders. Several of the men ran across the street with their guns. One tried to rob the Gulf station. Two of the others were seen standing between the TG&Y Store and Food World looking suspicious by witnesses who filed an official police report stating they had a gun. They were thought to have been trying to rob female officer Cindy Blalock as she was assisting the TG&Y store manager with a money escort but in the middle of her assistance she was called to get over to the Zeigler store quickly, there had been a robbery. 

William Thomas Zeigler Had A Brother-In-Law Perry Edwards Jr. He Was The Real Mastermind Of The Murders

Florida Private Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty With Florida Death Row Inmate Tommy Zeigler Found Court Documents Prove Perry Edwards Jr. Beat His Own Family

After ” living” for 37 years in a cage on Florida’s death row, William Thomas Zeigler Jr.’s pro bono investigator Lynn-Marie Carty, unearthed exonerating evidence in his horrific 1975 quadruple murder case. Tommy Zeigler has spent the past 38 years wondering what really did happen on that tragic Christmas Eve. Now the truth has finally come into the light. The newly unearthed details were hiding in plain sight for decades just below the surface waiting to be exposed. They prove that it was really Tommy’s brother-in-law from Georgia, Perry Edwards Jr. who was the mastermind of the murders, who hired the gang of killers. Now we know that Perry Edwards Jr’s true motive was money, greed, jealously, loss of power and control. The truth has been uncovered in official documents and records. An extensive Investigative report done on Tommy Zeigler’s case by his investigator Lynn-Marie Carty has revealed who the real mastermind of the Zeigler murders was. That report has been given to Mr. Zeigler attorneys to include the recently uncovered facts in a new appeal that was filed on July 2, 2015. Honorable Judge Reginald Whitehead is reviewing the current motion asking for DNA testing so Mr. Zeigler can prove is innocence, be exonerated and most importantly be given back his good name, Mr. William Thomas Zeigler Jr. While Perry Edwards Jr. was still alive, well and actively harassing them, his family members came forward with their stories of the abuse, control and humiliation they suffered over decades of dealing with him. Perry Edwards Jr. threatened to burn down the home of his granddaughters father-in-law, Deputy Gene Jones if she and her son went back there to live with her husband Chris. Within a month the home, one patrol car and another vehicle were burned to the ground. The prosecution ” Danced with the Devil” to convict William Thomas Zeigler Jr. The prosecution used information provided to them by a snake in the grass. The snake was Tommy Zeigler’s brother-in-law Perry Edwards Jr. He was  the real mastermind of the murders and the state used him as their confidential informant to arrest Tommy Zeigler. 

For 37 Years there was a Snake In The Grass hiding in plain sight supplying the prosecution with lies aka “information” about his brother in law Tommy Zeigler to help secure his wrongful conviction.

Perry Edwards Jr. Snake in the Grass

Perry Edwards Jr. is the true master of the murders for which Tommy Zeigler remains caged 40 years, innocent. It was not the loan sharks or the KKK who conspired to frame Tommy. It was Tommy Zeigler’s brother in law Perry Edwards Jr.. He was the snake in the grass hiding in plain sight. The state of Florida used Perry Edwards Jr. as their confidential informant. He fed them vicious lies about Tommy Zeigler. His lies are documented. The state’s investigator Don Frye said on tape that he had sleep overs at Perry Edwards Jr’s house. Who does that in a murder case?

Click here for Court Documents filed by Perry Edwards Jr.’s wife stating exactly what his family shared with Zeigler’s investigator in taped interviews. He beat, abused and threatened to kill his own family.

Brave family of the real mastermind Perry Edwards Jr. came forward to tell all they knew while he was still alive and taunting them

N. JonesChris Jones

New Witnesses From Georgia Family Members Of Tommy Zeigler’s Brother-In-Law Perry Edwards Jr. Share All They Have Suffered

“Perry Edwards Jr. punched his pregnant daughter in the face with his balled up fist and dropped her to the floor, just like you would punch a man. Then he brought her to have an abortion.”

Nicole Jones, was controlled by the violent temper and abuse of her Grandfather Perry Edwards Jr. Her father Tom, was Perry Jr.s former son in law. Tom witnessed Perry Edwards Jr.’s violence first hand as he pummeled his pregnant daughter, Nicole’s mother Jenny, in the face during her first pregnancy. Tom saw Perry Jr. punch his “daughter in the face and drop her like a man,” right before his eyes. Nicole’s husband Chris Jones and her father-in-law Deputy Gene Jones, have all shared important, startling, facts about Perry Edwards Jr. with Mr. Zeigler’s investigator. Chris Jones shared some of his violent experiences with Perry Edwards Jr. who, just as court documents prove, has beaten and threatened to kill his family on a regular basis over the years.  Deputy Gene Jones used his expertise in law enforcement combined with his personal knowledge of the character of his daughter- in-law’s grandfather and provided extremely valuable information to Mr. Zeigler’s investigator regarding Perry Edwards Jr. Court documents have now been unearthed that support this new witness information. Mr. Zeigler’s investigator, Lynn-Marie Carty went to interview Mrs. Lizzie Parker and her sister in Georgia.

Tom Orrick   The Parker Sisters With Investigator Carty

They provided more information regarding the actions of Perry Edwards Jr. at the time of the 1975 Christmas Eve murders. Mrs. Lizzie Parker who was the former teachers aide to Mrs. Virginia Edwards was with her on the last day she was a teacher before she was murdered. Mrs. Parker knew that Mrs. Virginia was excited to be taking her granddaughter on the fateful trip to Florida for the 1975 Christmas holiday, but when Perry Sr. and his wife Virginia  Edwards’ arrived to pick up their granddaughter at Perry Jr.s home, she was not allowed to go with them. Perry Edwards Jr.’s wife Sandra told her daughter she could not go on the trip because ” there might be trouble down there.” It was Mrs.Parker’s husband, the game warden who accompanied the pastor who went to the home of Perry Edwards Jr. on Christmas morning to inform him of the murders of his parents and sister. Mr. Parker came home and told his wife Lizzie Parker that Perry Edwards Jr. had the strangest reaction to hearing the news. He said that Perry Jr. acted like he already knew they were murdered. Nicole Jones, also shared knowledge that Eunice Edwards Zeigler’s beloved antique diamond dinner ring that was stolen from her finger as she lay dead at the crime scene, ended up in the possession of Eunice’s brother Perry Jr.’s wife Sandra May Edwards in Moultrie, Georgia. In July 1983 Sandra May Edward filed for divorce from Perry Edwards Jr. but soon after canceled it. She filed for divorce a second time the following year. The divorce became final in March 6, 1984. The final divorce papers were mailed to Perry Jr. on April 14, 1984. It was at that very same time period that people from Georgia stated writing to Tommy and visiting him, asking Tommy Zeigler questions about his brother-in-law Perry Jr. They wanted to know if Tommy knew of his brother-in-laws whereabouts and activities on the night of the murders, Christmas Eve 1975. All of the sudden, out of the blue the people from Georgia started asking Tommy so many questions about Perry Jr. that it prompted Tommy to write a letter to his mother Beulah on May 7, 1984. In Tommy’s letter to his mother he asked her the same questions that he was being asked. It seems that once the divorce was final, Perry Jr.’s former wife Sandra started sharing the truth about him. That ball stopped rolling when Sandra May Edwards’ new love interest passed away. Sandra May Edwards went back to live with Perry Edwards Jr. All of the newly uncovered investigation information, evidence and documents are in  case work books made by Tommy’s investigator, Lynn-Marie Carty. Copies were given exclusively to Tommy Zeigler’s lawyers by his investigator. On July 2, 2015 a brand new DNA motion was filed. It was also rejected by the courts. Today Tommy sits on death row in his cage. He’s waited 41 years for justice and exoneration from his wrongful conviction of the 1975 Christmas Eve murders, in a state where the governor at the helm has signed the most death warrants during his term than any other Florida governor in the history of the state. Also, Florida just happens to be the home state of the most wrongful convictions out of any other state in the United States Of America. Tommy’s lawyers continue to fight with their spectacular motions. 

By Dennis Wallace  (original by Merle Haggard)

Sing Me Back Home

Executive Producer Lynn-Marie Carty Documentary ” A Question of Innocence” Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery documentary says Winter Garden furniture store owner was cheated of justice

The Winter Garden furniture-store owner on death row for the Christmas Eve 1975 murders of his wife and three others is the subject of a new television documentary now airing, which aims to make the case he never received a fair trial. The documentary ” A Question Of Innocence,” is about Tommy Zeigler. He is now 72 years old, and has been unsuccessfully battling his murder conviction for almost four decades. Zeigler had exhausted his appeals and was considered ” death ready.” On July 2, 2015 Mr. Zeigler’s defense team filed a new motion asking the state of Florida to drop it’s opposition to allowing Tommy Zeigler to have complete DNA testing in order to prove his innocence. 

“Knowing Tommy Zeigler is innocent, ignoring it and failing to urgently take all actions available to exonerate him, is a moral injustice that should be punished to the full extent of the law as a crime of cruelty upon our fellow man. If there is not a law against that, there needs to be.” Lynn-Marie Carty, Investigator.

Favorite Quote “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all.” – Dale Carnegie

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