About Tommy Zeigler

About Tommy Zeigler

DNA Proved Tommy Zeigler Innocent 15 Years Ago  Here

Key material witness who testified he fired the murder weapons at Zeigler’s request now admits that never happened  Here

It has taken years of hard work to compile all of the documents available on this website. This website contains the copyrighted work product of investigator Lynn-Marie Carty.

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William Thomas Zeigler Jr. aka “ Tommy” was a 30 year old successful business man who had over a million dollars in assets. He was living in the home town where he was born and worked for the family furniture business. He was a happily married family man, married to the love of his life, kindergarten teacher Eunice Edwards Zeigler. He was a community minded civic leader.Tommy was on Winter Garden, Florida’s beautification committee, ” Project Pride.” On Christmas Eve 1975 at the Zeigler Furniture Store in Winter Garden, FL. Tommy and his wife Eunice, her parents Mr. and Mrs. Perry Edwards Sr. and another man in the store, Charlie Mays, were all shot and left for dead. Tommy awoke, crawled to the telephone, called for help and was taken to the hospital for surgery. He survived. An armed police guard was stationed outside Tommy’s hospital room. He had been attacked by a gang of men.Tommy had been passed out for a while, then he came to. He did not find out until after surgery that the love of his life, his beloved wife Eunice was dead, along with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Perry Edwards Sr. the other man dead on the floor, Charlie Mays, were all dead. His physical injuries proved he was attacked.His doctor testified to that fact. Days later Tommy was arrested in his hospital bed based on the sworn, oral and written statements of two men, Robert Foster  and Ed Williams. Mr.William Thomas Zeigler had never been arrested in his life. Tommy was then charged with the murders. #TommysInnocentLifeMatters


Was Zeigler Jury Pressured To Return Guilty Verdict?

The judge he faced was Judge Maurice Paul. In prior years Judge Maurice Paul was an attorney for the Florida Alcohol and Beverage commission that regulated bars and liquor stores, along with their very valuable liquor license’s.  In the months prior to the murders, Judge Maurice Paul had been involved in a case of trying to shut down a local family owned bar business called ” Browns Bar.” The business had been in the hands of a well known beloved African American family, the Browns, since 1948. As you can see on the original land deed for the bar business, it is clearly stated the bar could never been taken out of the hands of the African race. This bar was located close to the ever growing Disney World. Due to the increasing value of liquor license’s, they were sought after vigorously. Judge Maurice Paul’s plans to confiscate the Brown’s Bar, Andrew James’ family business, did not pan out. Just 3 months before the Zeigler murders where Judge Maurice Paul would be Tommy’s judge, Tommy Zeigler had gone to bat and stood up in court for the good character of the owner of Brown’s bar, his lifelong friend Andrew James. Mr. James just happened to be of African American decent. Judge Paul’s side stood up against the good character of Andrew James. Tommy’s friend Mr. James was able to keep the bar. When Maurice Paul became Tommy’s judge 3 months later, he refused to recuse himself from Tommy’s case. Every motion that was filed, was denied. The judge absolutely should have recused himself. For statement of Andrew James Click Here and Here. For statement of Ocilla James Click Here and Here

  Andrew James         Juror Irma Brickle    Judge Maurice Paul     Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty

   Owner Brown’s Bar
Judge Paul refused to recuse himself from the case. Then ignoring the jury’s recommendation gave Tommy the ultimate punishment Death. He was not happy Tommy had “showed up”  for a life long friend who just happened to be a black man

Then with the jury deadlocked 6 to 6, Judge Paul took it upon himself to order and send in valium pills for a distraught hold our Juror Irma Brickle who later told anyone who cared to listen to her, ” Those pills fix you so you will make a decision that you would not normally make.” Mrs. Brickle sent out notes to the judge begging to speak to him. Judge Paul sent notes back in to her refusing to speak with her. She was upset over the antics of the jury forman Mr. Roberts. Juror Brickle said the Jury former Mr. James Roberts, wanted to be done with the trial. He had already made up his mind and wanted to join the countries bi-centennial celebration. Ms. Brickle said forman James Roberts was clicking the actual murder weapons in the back of her head. He also told her to put on Eunice’s bloody clothes to ” get a feel for the situation”. The conduct of some of the jurors, including the Juror James Roberts, was totally out of line. Juror Roberts wanted his Gin. After Irma Brickle fainted and was carried back from lunch and received the valium pills, the 6 to 6 deadlock was broken. The jury gave Tommy a life sentence and they said they did that because of their doubts in his guilt. Judge Maurice took it upon himself to override the decision of the jury. He sentenced William Thomas Jr. to death. In one of the worst “ Rush To Judgments” of all times the Orange County, Florida prosecutors office “ danced with the devil” , Tommy’s own brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. who was the real mastermind of the murders for which Tommy was convicted. Tommy’s brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. fed lies to the prosecution. Perry Edwards Jr. helped them to obtain their 1976 Death Penalty conviction against 30 year old millionaire businessman, football coach and community civic leader William Thomas Zeigler Jr. aka Tommy. Tommy Zeigler. Tommy has passed polygraph tests given by the best examiner in the country and truth serum tests as well.

As you can see and hear for yourself Tommy passed his Truth Serum Tests at a hospital In Largo, Florida. The Jury never saw the results because the judge ruled against allowing them into the trial as evidence.

Truth Serum Test Click to view videos One Test Two Test Three Test Four Test Five

Judge Maurice Paul ruled that the Truth Serum tests were not allowed in the trial. Lead detective for the prosecution Don Frye refused to tell the press why he made the decision not have the van driven by Charlie Mays with Felton Thomas Jr.and  with the 3rd large man along with them, brought into the impound lot for processing of any evidence that would support Mr. Zeigler’s case. Why? Did the states lead detective Don Frye lie about that too? Was Charlie Mays van really processed or not? If not why not? If so why would the lead detective for the state lie about it? If the states lead investigator Don Frye lied when asked by a reporter if he had Charlie Mays blue dodge van with Florida tag number 12G/K 10330 processed and inventoried or not, what else did the states lead Don Frye lie about? Is this a fair trial with fair facts? Is this called justice? Is this what fairness looks like? The state of Florida used Don Frye as their ” provider of true facts”. That is exactly how Mr. Zeigler’s wrongful conviction got it’s wings that drove the states ” sprint to judgment” straight down the highway to hell. After all a witness by the name of Barbara Skipper saw 3 men in Charlie Mays van right before the murders, not 2 men, 3 men just as our investigation has also proven. One man was very large, much larger in size than Charlie Mays or Felton Thomas Jr. Our investigation now proves it was Charlie Mays friend career felon Robert Milton Foster who was the third man in Charlie’s van. Robert Foster who detective Don Frye first admitted existed, then claimed was just a ” typographical error.” Was the prosecutions lead detective Don Frye really on a quest for the truth? Or was he laser focused on one of the worst “rush to judgments of all times” and willing to do whatever it took to make his facts match his imagined motive for the murders that was fed to him by the real mastermind Perry Edwards Jr.? The one time William Thomas Zeigler Jr. was allowed DNA testing it proved the states theory was a lie. It also proved that Mr. Zeigler did not have his father-in-laws blood on his shirt even though the state did a demonstration for the jury showing how Tommy beat his father-in-law while holding him in a headlock and beat him to death. DNA tests proved that is false. Here is what the crime scene photographer George McClellan swore to that proves the ” Sprint to Justice” against Tommy. Here is what the former Vice President of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper Dave Burgin had to say about his newspapers role in the false conviction of Tommy Zeigler while asking Governor Jeb Bush for clemency for Tommy Zeigler. Dave Burgin: One Two Three Four. Now here is Florida Governor Rick Scott’s response to our letters begging him to help us help Tommy so we can all go on with our lives knowing his suffering and his name William Thomas Zeigler Jr. has been exonerated. At a 2004 hearing regarding Tommy Zeigler’s DNA testing Orlando Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton told a lie. Jeff Ashton told the judge in open court that the fingerprint of William Thomas Zeigler Jr. was found in the tip of a rubber glove found at the crime scene. He lied. It is not true at all. That lie created another false narrative in the case at the hearing in 2004. Orlando, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton also used the testimony of the Dr. Herb MacDonell. Orlando, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton claimed in open court in 2004 that Tommy Zeigler performed a sex act (Click Here and Here and Here) on the dead body of the  “killer robber” found dead on the floor of the Zeigler store, Charlie Mays, who the state claimed was just an innocent bystander. But whose own son Ernie Mays told police officer Ed Rowe that his father Charlie Mays had a gun on the night of the murders and that it was Tommy Zeigler who was supposed to die that night. Now the Dr. Herbert Leon MacDonell who claimed falsely that Tommy’s Zeigler is a man of the ” A/C D/C persuasion,”  has been arrested on charges of being a sexpert and a sextortionist of young girls in New York. There is sworn proof he has been molesting young girls since 1968.

Former Florida Governor Bob Graham Signed Two Death Warrants On Tommy Zeigler In The 1980’s

In the 1980’s Tommy Zeigler was just  inches away from being wrongfully murdered by the state of Florida twice. Not one but two death warrants were signed to have Mr. Zeigler executed by then Florida Governor Bob Graham. Tommy holds no ill will what so ever against Governor Graham for signing the two death warrants on his case. As Tommy so eloquently puts it, the problem with the death penalty is that if one link in the chain of the information presented to the Governor is fraudulent, broken, bad or corrupt, it makes the whole chain of information broken, fraudulent, flawed and bad. Tommy says Governor Bob Graham was just going by and relying on the flawed information that was given to him when he signed both of Tommy’s death warrants. Several years ago Mr. Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty reached out to former Governor, now Senator Bob Graham to present some of her recent findings on the case. She received back correspondence from Senator Graham’s office  encouraging her to ” get the media involved to shine some sunlight on this injustice.”

The Prosecution was given lies about Mr. Zeigler that were made up and provided to them by Tommy’s Brother-In-Law Perry Edwards Jr. , who was used by the State as their Confidential Informant!!! Perry Jr. told them Tommy was secretly gay.!!  As recent as a 2004 hearing to discuss exonerating DNA results in open court, State Attorney of Orange County, FL.  Jeff Ashton continued to use these defaming lies against this married man who is accused of quadruple murder in order to keep Tommy’s conviction. That is a crime. For Orlando, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton’s sex lies about Tommy Zeigler Click Here and Here and Here

* Important Disclaimer : Unfortunately in order to convict Tommy Zeigler, the state of Florida’s lead detective Don Frye, used lies about Tommy being a ” homosexual” cheater involved in a sex ring.Those lies were provided to them by the real master mind of the murders, Tommy’s brother-in-law Perry Edwards Jr. We are forced to dispel those lies with the facts of the truth. It is extremely important to us to state very clearly that we love and accept all of our gay and lesbian friends, family, co workers and community members 110%. We believe that equality for all people is our basic right as human beings. In 1975 to spread vicious lies about a married man saying he is cheating on his wife by participating in a ” homosexual sex ring with 26 other prominent business men” was an extremely inflammatory tactic used by the state of Florida’s investigators. Due to the flawed results of the state’s investigation, we are forced to keep bringing up the details of the tactics that were used by the state of Florida to successfully vilify Tommy Zeigler. Lies repeated as facts were the tactics used against Tommy in order to support the supposed motive that states detective Don Frye dreamed up to obtain Mr. Zeigler’s wrongful conviction. It would hurt our hearts if any of the comments we have made in our attempts to show clearly what was done by the state’s investigator to defame Tommy, hurt or upset any of our gay and lesbian friends or their family members in anyway whatsoever. We care about peace, love and justice, not just for some, but for all.

Florida State Prosecutors Were Laser Focused On Wrong 30 Year Old Son

                                               Perry Barnett Edwards Jr. vs William Thomas Zeigler Jr.

The physical characteristics of Tommy Zeigler and his brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. are very similar. In 1975 both men were the same age, height, aprox weight, had the same color and hair style. It was only after the murders that Perry Jr. grew his hair long and added a walrus type mustache. Perry Edwards Jr. appeared at the murder trial with his long hair and mustache. His father Mr. Perry Edwards Sr. was a minister when he was alive. He did not approve of long hair or facial hair on men. Perry Jr. was also a softball fanatic. New information recently uncovered proves that the confidential informant’s the state of Florida admitted using but refused to reveal the identity of were actually Tommy’s brother-in-law Perry Edwards Jr. and his wife Sandra May Edwards. Perry Edwards Jr. fed lies about his brother in law Tommy to the police chief for the prosecution Oakland, FL. Police Chief Robert Thompson and to lead detective for the prosecution Don Frye.The states lead detective Don Frye readily admits the fact that he and Perry Edwards Jr. were good friends who ” spent the night at each others houses.” It was Perry Edwards Jr. who had a history of threatening to kill his family, a history of abuse and violence, a history of beating his family, even his own pregnant daughter in the face, a history of drug use and alcohol abuse.He was the one with the violent temper in the family. Perry Edwards Jr. was the one, the prosecutions lead detective Don Frye said was” letting me know what direction to go in.” The State of Florida and the Orange County Prosecutors Office “danced with the devil”  when they used Perry Edwards Jr, who was the real mastermind of the 1975 quadruple Christmas Eve murders, as their confidential informant. Perry Edwards Jr. was the white man that prosecution witness Barbara Woodard saw and could not identify as Tommy Zeigler, even though Ms. Woodard had known Tommy for years. That’s because the son behind the glass door of the closed furniture store that she saw was Perry Edwards Jr. One of the men was Perry Edwards Jr. the other was Perry Jr.s drug dealing drinking buddy from Georgia and his name was ” Slim”.

Tommy’s Brother-In-Law Perry Edwards Jr. Was At The Zeigler Store On The Night Of The Murders. Perry Jr. Is The One Who Has A Proven History Of Beating And Threatening To Kill His Family

It was not Tommy Zeigler. Ed Williams knew the white man was not Tommy Zeigler. Ed had known Tommy for years. Ed Williams first thought Tommy was dead, then he found out Tommy was alive. Ed Williams turned the white man into Tommy Zeigler. Why? To save his own self from going to jail. This is not a new tactic.Guilty people lie all the time to help themselves when it’s either them or the other guy. The thing the courts have struggled with in my opinion is the way Ed Williams tells the story so strong and with passion and fright. That is because it happen! Ed Williams is not an award winning actor. It happened. The “white man” was not Tommy Zeigler. Ed Williams, had a choice, tell the truth and go to jail, or turn all of his focus on blaming Tommy Zeigler, just exactly like the police who Ed Williams was talking to also immediately did. The reason that the gang of men were all still ” scared out of their wits” and ” begging to be put under police protection” as the newspapers stated, is because the right “white guy” was still out there. They knew that and they were scared to death of him. In this newspaper story Perry Jr. told the press how ” happy” his sister Eunice seemed at Thanksgiving one month before the murders in 1975. That is totally contrary to what Tommy Zeigler had to say about how upset Eunice was in Moultrie, Georgia on Thanksgiving in 1975. It’s also completely contrary to what Eunice’s brother Perry Jr. told the state of Florida’s lead detective Don Frye and also the lead law enforcement officer Oakland, Fl police chief Robert Thompson about his sister’s state of mind in the months leading up to the murders. Now we have Don Frye’s version of the story on video tape regarding what he says Perry Jr. told him. Don Frye says that Perry Edwards Jr. told him, that Eunice was in the middle of leaving Tommy after discovering he was in a homosexual sex ring with 26 other prominent business. Which was it? Perry Jr. cannot have it both ways. Why would Perry Jr. lie to the newspaper reporter about his sister being happy the last time he saw her? That is very strange and inconsistent behavior. Was his only sibling Eunice totally “distraught” over her cheating homosexual husband as her brother Perry Jr. stated in detail to investigators on the murder case, or as Perry Jr. also told the newspaper reporter, was Eunice “happy” at Thanksgiving 1975? It also appears from his statements in the newspaper story that Perry Edwards Jr. knew exactly what order his sister and mother died in but he fails to mention the horrible murder of his father. What time did Perry Edwards Jr. think his poor suffering father, Perry Edwards Sr. met his demise. Perry Edwards Sr.  was shot more than any of the other victims, a total of 4 times. When that did not kill him he was then beaten to death. Perry Edwards Jr. had nothing to say to the press about any of that? Why?

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