Lies Told By The State?

DNA Proved Tommy Zeigler Innocent 15 Years Ago  Here

Key material witness who testified he fired the murder weapons at Zeigler’s request now admits that never happened  Here

It has taken years of hard work to compile all of the documents available on this website. This website contains the copyrighted work product of investigator Lynn-Marie Carty

Lies Told By The State?  Who is the liar? You decide.

Is the Oakland, Florida Police Officer a liar? Or is the son of the dead man found on the floor of the Zeigler furniture store a liar? Who do you believe? Do you believe an Oakland, Florida Police Officer who came forward on his own to Mr. Zeigler’s defense team to share what he knew? What reason would he have to lie? Or do you believe Ernie Mays? What reason would Ernie Mays have to lie? Because of the fact that Charlie Mays was murdered inside the Zeigler furniture store, the Mays family received an undisclosed financial settlement from the Zeigler furniture store’s insurance company.


               OAKLAND, FLORIDA POLICE  DEPARTMENT                                            ERNIE LEE MAYS MUGSHOT

This is the original affidavit of Oakland, Florida Police Officer Edward Rowe. Here and Here. This is the easy to read version with the exact same words as are in the original affidavit. Here. In 1982, the Oakland, Florida police officer took it upon himself to track down Tommy Zeigler’s Defense lawyer Terry Hadley in order to share with Mr. Zeigler’s defense team his knowledge of the facts that continued to unfolded in front of his very own eyes and ears on a daily basis. Oakland, Florida police officer Ed Rowe was told the same information over and over by Charlie Mays son, Ernie Mays. That is what prompted officer Ed Rowe of the Oakland, Florida Police Department to swear out his fact filled affidavit under oath and before God. Charlie Mays, whose mugshot is pictured Here has a son named Ernie Mays, whose mugshot is pictured Here. Ernie Mays subsequently denied he ever made the statements to Oakland, Florida Police Officer Edward Rowe that Officer Rowe swears he did. One of these men is a liar. Either Oakland, Florida police officer Edward Rowe is a liar or Ernie Mays is a liar. What ever happened to the gun of Charlie Mays that his son Ernie Mays told the details of to Oakland, Florida police officer Edward Rowe? Why was this gun not found at the crime scene? Why was this gun not part of the defense team’s evidence items at Mr. Zeigler’s trial? Scroll down on this page and see the video of retired police dispatcher Mary Wallace in her own words. It is now 2017. Who do you think the officers at the Oakland, Florida police station believe is the liar? One of their own? Is Oakland, Florida Police Officer Edward Rowe a liar or is the son of Charlie Mays, Ernie Lee Mays a liar? 

The Former Orange County, Florida State Attorney

You decide who is lying in order to keep a 71 year old senior citizen caged for 41 years on Florida’s Death Row rather than be honest and admit they have it all wrong and they are very sorry for their wrongful conviction of the lone surviving murder victim of the 1975 Christmas Eve massacre Tommy Zeigler. We sent our complaint to the Florida Bar Association. Here and Here. We wanted to show them the documented proof of Jeff Ashton’s sinful lies and malfeasance in the courtroom in his attempt to keep Mr. Zeigler caged even though 2004 exonerating DNA results, truth serum testing and polygraph testing by the number one examiner in the country all prove Mr. Zeigler’s innocence. The Florida Bar told us to contact Governor Rick Scott regarding the malfeasance of State Attorney Jeff Ashton. Here and Here. Governor Rick Scott’s reply to us stated that he can do nothing about Jeff Ashton’s documented malfeasance because he has zero power over the Orange County, Florida State Attorney because that is the position of an elected official by the citizens. 

Jeff Ashton

Stated at a 2004 hearing one of the reasons why Tommy Zeigler needs to stay on death row is that the fingerprint of Tommy Zeigler was found in a rubber glove tip at the murder scene. That statement is contrary to the evidence known to the prosecution since 1976. Tommy Zeigler’s fingerprint was not found in the tip of a rubber glove at the murder scene for which he remains caged on Florida’s death row for close to 40 years. This lie remains on the court record today.

Jeff Ashton in the courtroom March 2016 at a hearing for additional DNA testing. These are the faces of the people who are against allowing Tommy Zeigler DNA testing to continue to prove his innocence. Perry Edwards Jr.’s Family. There’s his daughter Jenny Melissa Edwards who Perry Jr. punched in the face and forced her to have an abortion when she was pregnant, for Court Document Click Here.  There’s Perry Edwards Jr.’s other daughter Ginger Edwards. There’s Perry Edwards Jr’s wife Sandra May Edwards, who filed court documents telling a judge that her husband Perry Edwards Jr. told her he was going to kill her and committed horrible beatings on his entire family. For Court Document Click Here. They are sitting with their protector Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton of the Ashley Madison Sex Scandal Fame and the Friend Finder Website Sex Scandal. We all know DNA proves the TRUTH. These people look scared to death to allow the truth to be known to the public by allowing DNA testing for Tommy Zeigler. Why are they fighting so hard to prevent the truth from coming out? We know the answer. We have solved the case. Take a look at the real mastermind of the Zeigler Christmas Eve  Murders, Perry Edwards Jr. Click Here

How far will the Orange County, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton go to keep a wrongful conviction and avoid admitting the truth of the big ” mistake?”  Here is a letter sent by Mr. Zeigler’s investigator, Lynn-Marie Carty to Florida Governor Rick Scott on April 20, 2016 requesting he investigate Orange County, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton Click Here Also see the following attachments, Florida Bar Complaint filed on September 8, 2015. Page 1 Page 2 Florida Bar Response Page 1 Page 2 John Robert Eagan arguing at trial Tommy’s blood was on Mr. Edwards shirt Click Here John Robert Eagan cross-examined Tommy about Mr. Edwards blood on his shirt Click Here Jeff Ashton’s 2004 lie about Tommy’s fingerprint in a rubber glove found at crime scene Click Here Jeff Ashton at 2004 hearing intimating to the court that Tommy performed a homosexual sex act on the dead body of Charlie Mays Page 1 Page 2  Page 3  Now Jeff Ashton has the nerve to say, ” It would be nice to get Zeigler done.” Click Here

Orlando Prosecutor Now State Attorney Jeff Ashton August 29, 2012 Click Here

DNA Testing Proved That State Attorney Jeff Ashton’s Statement On Unsolved Mysteries About Key Blood Evidence Is A Lie Click Here This original court testimony and demonstration shown to the judge and jury in 1976 is all a lie. Tommy DID NOT Have His Father In-Laws Blood On His Shirt! How can someone shoot another person 4 times, then hold them in a headlock and beat them to death without getting one drop of their blood on them?

If Ashton is so sure that DNA testing won’t make any difference why is he so against it? The taxpayers are not paying for it.

Zeigler Defense Witnesses

Suzi Ambler

Suzi and her mother were robbed at the Gulf Station, located across the street from the murders, within the hours of the murders on Christmas Eve 1975. Suzi’s mother called the police and within minutes Oakland, FL police Chief Robert Thompson came to their rescue when he appeared at the door of the gas station. As Suzi says, when it’s Christmas Eve and you’re a kid who witnessed your mother screaming at a huge man with a gun, it’s something you never forget. The police report from this robbery was hidden from the Zeigler defense team, from the judge and the jury. Suzi has identified Robert Foster, who was Charlie Mays friend, as the Gulf Station robber. When Suzi came forward a few years ago and told Zeigler’s investigator about the Gulf Station robbery that she and her mother suffered on the night of the murders, the prosecution did not believe her. Suzi said if we could locate the man who robbed her, he would look just like an actor in a movie called The Green Mile that she and her mother watched together years after their robbery and the Zeigler murders. Zeigler’s investigator found Robert Foster. Did he resemble Michael Clarke Dunkin, the actor from the movie? You decide. Above is a photo of the actor on the left and one of the many mugshots of Robert Foster on the right. For a better view also Click Here. The court ruled that even if the jury knew the information, that Robert Foster had robbed the Gulf Station on the night of the murders, it would not have changed their verdict. Two years ago lead detective for the prosecution, detective Don Frye admitted on tape that the Gulf Station robbery did in fact occur and there was a police report for it. However Detective Frye then took it upon himself to declare that the robber in the unsolved robbery, was not Robert Foster and the robbery had nothing to do with the Zeigler murders which occurred directly across the street. Detective Don Frye also decided to conceal all of this information from the Zeigler defense team at the murder trial, as well as from the jury who recommended a life sentence for Tommy and the judge, who ignored the jury’s wishes and subsequently sentenced Tommy Zeigler to death.

Mary Wallace  

Mary Wallace has direct information and knowledge that is contrary to the ruling of the courts when the court claimed none of the men in the gang who attacked Tommy knew each other. Retired sheriff’s department dispatcher Mary Wallace was Ed William’s land lady at the time of the murders. She knew Robert Foster personally.Mary Wallace says, ” They all knew each other.” She saw Robert Foster, Charlie Mays and Ed Williams all together with her own eyes at the softball games on the team that she and her husband ran and played on in Winter Garden, Florida in the fall of 1975. During the 10 days after the murders when the store crime scene was being held by the prosecution and the defense was not allowed to enter, Mary’s husband Dean Wallace received a phone call at his job. He worked at the Winter Garden Recreation Department. Together with his wife Mary they had 6 kids. Chief Ficke instructed Dean Wallace and his co-worker to go to the Zeigler store crime scene and remove the corn plant from the store and bring it to him. It was a gift the police chief hd purchased for his wife Rita for Christmas. The gift was never delivered because Tommy was attacked in his store on Christmas Eve by the gang when he went to the store to do the last of his deliveries. The men obeyed the police chief’s orders and brought him his corn plant after removing it from the crime scene which was still being processed by the prosecution. Once the plant reached Chief Ficke, blood was seen in the corn plant. To Dean Wallace’s utter shock, a bloody gun was found inside the plant. The men were instructed by the police chief to wash off the bloody gun and they complied. Dean Wallace came home from work that day and told the events of what he had witnessed to his wife Mary. Click Here to hear Mary Wallace tell the details of the bloody gun in the corn plant in her own words. Who should they have reported this information to, if the police chief was the one giving them their orders? The FBI? CIA? or out of fear for the family, should they just shut up and do their job, collect their paychecks and continue to feed and care for their 6 kids on the salary from Dean’s job at the Winter Garden Recreation Department? Ever wonder about the gun Ernie Mays told Oakland, Florida Police Officer Edward Rowe he saw his Daddy Charlie Mays put into his jacket on the night of the murders while declaring, ” We will have plenty of money for Christmas?” Now you know another part of the journey of Charlie Mays’ gun. The gun was never introduced at the trial. When this information from Mary Wallace was shared with one of Tommy’s original defense lawyers, Vernon Davids, he revealed something very interesting. He stated that even though Rita Ficke and Don Fickie are now remarried, there was a time when they were divorced. It was during that time that Rita Ficke contacted Vernon David’s to tell him she had just found a gun in the attic. The gun was wrapped in a towel and she believed it was connected to the Zeigler murders. When Vernon tried to pursue this information on the gun Rita Ficke found in the attic of the home owned by Don and Rita Ficke, she dropped all communication with Vernon. Don Ficke and Rita Ficke got back together and remarried. God knows where Charlie May’s gun is right now.

Cal Dennie Sheriff’s Captain

Do you believe Cal Dennie Sheriff’s Captain Pinellas County, Florida retired, now working as a private investigator with CDI Investigations?

After his career with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department he is now retired from the department and working as a private investigator. Calvin Dennie went to meet with Robert Milton Foster to verify that he was in fact a real person who was living in Orange County, Florida on parole after being released from prison for armed robbery, with an extensive rap sheet and 4 prison escapes at the time of the Zeigler murders in 1975. In the years since the murders Robert Foster’s rap sheet for many more felonies has become very lengthy. Affidavit of Calvin Dennie. Also here is Video of Captain Cal speaking about meeting Robert Foster. Calvin runs CDI Investigation Agency in Pinellas County, FL.

Juror Irma Brickel

Irma Brickel was the hold out juror who was sent in valium by Judge Maurice Paul without the knowledge of the Zeigler defense team. After she was drugged, the  6 to 6 tie was broken and the jury recommended Tommy be given life in prison but the judge then over rode the jury’s wishes and sentenced Mr. Zeigler to death.After the verdict was delivered juror Brickel continued to voice her concerns over the unfairness of Mr. Zeigler  murder trial. Irma Brickel Page 1  Irma Brickel Page 2  Irma Brickel Page 3  Mrs. Brickel went to her grave declaring that Tommy Zeigler was innocent and that her treatment in the jury deliberations by her fellow jurors and the Judge, who she sent notes out to requesting a conference with, was reprehensible.

Ken Roach

And his wife Linda, along with their children are eye, ear witnesses to the outside of the store at the time frame of the murders and what they saw and heard is totally contrary to the states case. When they called authorities to tell what they had witnessed, they were told by the state attorneys office that their testimony was not needed. Years later the state attorney claimed the Roach family was not credible having never met them. Although their information has never been heard they have begged those in power to listen to them for 39 years. They both say their lives will never be the same after the experience they have been forced to endure regarding the justice system in Orange County, Florida

Ken Roach 1

Ken Roach 2

Ken Roach 3

Linda Roach 1

Linda Roach 2

Linda Roach 3 

Former Vice President of the Orlando Sentinel Dave Burgin sought clemency for Tommy Zeigler from Governor Jeb Bush. Burgin blamed the Orlando Sentinel for helping to wrongfully convicted Mr. Zeigler. Here below is a copy of Mr. Burgin’s letter to Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Dave Burgin Letter Page 1    Dave Burgin Page 2      Dave Burgin Page 3  Dave Burgin Page 4

The Entire Jellison Family of Four

All The Citizen Witnesses of Winter Garden

All of the citizens of Winter Garden who filed this police report Click Here for police report about the averted armed robbery they witnessed with their very own eyes, on the night of the murders at 9:00 PM directly across the street, at the same time that Ed Williams was at the KFC looking for a ride. An address of the owner of this license tag number in this police report that was hidden from the Zeigler defense team and jurors at the Zeigler murder trial by the prosecution, traces back to the same address of the 2 bedroom apartment where prosecution witness Frank Smith testified he lived alone, when Ed Williams put him on the phone with a man he was told was Tommy Zeigler. Frank Smith had never met and did not know Tommy Zeigler.  Smith testified that after being put on the phone with Tommy Zeigler, at the request of Ed Williams, Zeigler then asked Smith to buy the murder weapons for him. Even though Ed Williams went to the police on the night of the murders, after finding out that Tommy did not die, it took honest Ed Williams 3 months to tell the police the story that he was involved in the gun buy.

 H. Vernon David’s

Long time Zeigler Defense Attorney H. Vernon David’s stated his knowledge of investigator for the state of Florida, prosecution’s detective Don Frye’s attempt to coerce a man to give false testimony against William Thomas Zeigler. Mr. Allan Darrah was in jail charged with murder at the time. States detective Don Frye attempted to convince Allan Darrah to lie to the court and say he had a sexual relationship with Tommy Zeigler. The murder for which Mr. Darrah was on trial for remains unsolved to this day in Orange County, Florida. Click Here Page 1  Page 2 to read the sworn affidavit by H. Vernon David’s given to Mr. Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty in 2015.

NAACP Member  Zeigler Defense Witness Tipster Nathaniel Brown

He was a member of the NAACP  who was on the original defense witness list. Page One of Tip from NAACP member: Mr. Brown Page Two of tip from NAACP member: had come forward. Mr Brown had given the best tip of all to Tommy’s defense team as to who the real mastermind and hired killers were. Then the state told the defense to take him off the witness list because he had died in a shoot-out in New York in the summer of 1976. Here is the death certificate of Nathaniel Brown who really did not die until 2006.

Mr. Andrew James      Judge Maurice M. Paul

and wife Ocilla James

Mrs. James page 1   page 2

Mrs. James page 1  page 2

Owners of Browns Bar in Winter Garden Florida who Tommy Zeigler showed up for and stood up for their good character in court proceedings just months before Tommy was wrongfully arrested and convicted for the murder of his own loved ones in his own family owned furniture store in Winter Garden FL. The state of Florida was trying to take away the life long family business of the James family, their bar and package store. The bar had been deeded to Mrs. Ocilla James’ first husband Arthur ” Buster” Brown, after he returned from the war in 1948. The original deed stated that the property and business must never be deeded to anyone unless they were of the African Race. Click here to see this fact on the deed. The only way to get the bar into the hands of white people was if a crime was committed in the Browns Bar or connected to the Browns Bar. The state brought Andrew James to court to try to confiscate the bar from him in 1975. Tommy Zeigler, as verified by the James affidavits above had known Mr. and Mrs. James all of his life. Tommy was upset for them that the state was trying to take away their prized family business they had owned since 1948 so he went to the court and Tommy stood up for the good character of Andrew James. A man who had recently become a judge by the name of Maurice M. Paul came to the court to stand against the good character of Andrew James. Before Judge Maurice M. Paul was a judge he was the former counsel for the Florida Beverage Commission. His duties included confiscating the bars and very valuable and lucrative liquor licenses of business owners in the State of Florida. Although the court proceedings were not a slam dunk for Andrew James, with his longtime friend Tommy Zeigler by his side helping him and sticking up for his good character, at least Andrew James and his family got to keep their Browns Bar and liquor license at the end result of the proceedings. That meant that Judge Maurice Paul’s side lost and were not able to take the bar out of the hands of the African Race. Within months Tommy Zeigler would find himself before this very judge, charged with quadruple murder. Judge Maurice Paul denied the Zeigler defense teams motion to recuse himself from the trial due to a prior conflict with Tommy Zeigler just months before the murders. Judge Paul denied the motion to  recuse himself and went forward as Tommy Zeigler judge for quadruple murder. At first the jury was tied 6 to 6 but after drugging the hold out juror Irma Brickel by sending in valium pills to her and not informing the defense team of this fact, the tie was broken. Tommy’s jury’s verdict was life in prison. But the jury’s wishes were not honored by Judge Maurice Paul. He over rode the life sentence and gave Tommy Zeigler the death penalty. Tommy has remained in his cage on Florida’s death row for almost 40 years now. Judge Paul has never commented on the case and filed a restraining order blocking all defense members from speaking to any of the jurors ever again, after a professional was hired to speak to the jury regarding their experiences in the deliberations and that professional produced this report with the juror’s sentiments.

William Thomas Zeigler

Long time business man, loving husband, happily married family man, football coach, community leader Tommy Zeigler, who had never been arrested in his life. Who along with his family was well known for helping the black members of his community and whose family owned their furniture store for 39 years.

Lead Investigator For Prosecution Don Frye 

Detective Don Frye says he ” stayed tight” with Tommy’s abusive brother in law, Perry Edwards Jr., who threatened to kill his very own family. Detective Don Frye used Perry Edwards Jr. as his secret Confidential Informant on the Zeigler quadruple murder case. Perry Jr. fed vicious lies to the prosecution about Tommy Zeigler to deflect attention from himself. Perry Jr. told Detective Frye that Tommy Zeigler was secretly cheating on his wife Eunice, who was Perry Jr.s only sibling, and that he had proof that his sister Eunice caught Tommy in bed with a man and also that he was in a sex ring with 26 other men. The proof was never produced because it did not exist. The attempt to vilify Mr. Zeigler and make him lose his status in the community work perfectly against the reputation of William Thomas Zeigler Jr and has sealed his fate wrongfully as well. Click here to hear detective Frye in his own words.

Perry Barnett Edwards Jr.

Tommy Zeigler’s abusive brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. was the same height, weight, body type, age and hair color as Tommy Zeigler at the time of the Zeigler murders.  Click here to see the court documents filed by his wife when he threatened to kill his family as he beat and abused them. Perry Jr.s father Perry Edwards Sr. was murdered in the Christmas Eve massacre. Before that he was a Baptist minister. He detested long hair and facial hair and forbid his son Perry Jr to grow his hair in that way. Above see the photo of Perry Edwards Jr. with his wife Sandra May Edwards at the Zeigler trial with his new walrus mustache and long hair that he grew after the murders of his parents and sister. In his interview with the Orlando Sentinel Perry tells the newspaper reporter the opposite of what prosecution detective Don Frye says that Perry told him? Why? Perry Jr, told the newspaper that everything was just fine with is sister Eunice Edwards Zeigler. Perry Jr. said his sister Eunice was happy. Why is Perry Edwards Jr. saying conflicting statements to this newspaper reporter on the record for an interview and to his buddy prosecution detective Don Frye, whose home he spent sleepovers at during Zeigler court proceedings?

And The Prosecution Witnesses For The State Of Florida

Felton Thomas Jr.    Felton Thomas Jr.s  mugshot for his battery arrest

Felton Thomas Jr. was put forth as a witness 3 weeks after the murders on the day of the preliminary hearing and throughout the trial. Most of the actions that Robert Foster told police, as documented in Tommy Zeigler’s arrest report that he had done with Tommy Zeigler on the night of the murders, were now claimed to have been done by Felton Thomas Jr. with Tommy Zeigler on the night of the murders. The prosecutions lead detective Don Frye then turned Robert Foster into a typographical error and said that Robert Foster was never really a real person in Tommy’s case. Detective Frye testified that Robert Foster was  just a big mistake on his part. Felton Thomas’ name appeared in newspapers 3 weeks after the murders as a key witness against Tommy Zeigler. Newspaper 1  Newspaper 2 Here is Mr. Zeigler’s investigators recent meeting with Felton Thomas Jr. which took place inside a police station, at his request. Felton Thomas Interview Transcript At the 1976 trial Felton Thomas said he fired the murder weapons. NOW Felton Thomas says he never fired or even touched one of the murder weapons. Now Felton Thomas says the police told him they had their man and it was Zeigler. Felton Thomas says he was never even shown a line up. All of his statement are on tape.

Mugshot collection of Felton Thomas’ daughter Tamiko Stephens who along with her father Felton Thomas, claimed her name was Mavis while at a meeting at a police station with Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty and two sheriff’s deputies. Far right is most recent arrest June 2015. ID: 33883441
Birth date: 2/28/1977
Gender: F
Race: B
PIN: 0200124174
Booking Number: 201200016839
Offense Description Arraign Date Bond Amount Bond Type Intake Date/Time Court Case Number Release Date/Time
AGGRAV ASSLT – WEAPON: W DEADLY WEAPON WITHOUT INTENT TO KILL 1/18/2013 no bond available 12/22/2012 8:54:03 PM 2012 CF 016819 NC


Ed Williams             Ed’s girlfriend Mavis Has 13 alias’

Ed first claimed that a white man just tried to kill him but the gun would not fire so then the white man handed him the gun, got down on his knees and begged Ed Williams not to frame him. ( who does that?) Then Ed testified that he put the gun in his pants pocket and jumped over a 6 foot fence to safety. There are many problems with Ed Williams story. Ed had worked for Tommy Zeigler and his family for years, he would never all Tommy ” a white guy”.  Ed Williams was across the street from the Zeigler store telling 2 sisters who he asked to give him a ride that the man who just tried to kill him, was a white man. That makes no sense. Ed did not point at the Zeigler store and tell the sisters, “Oh My God, Tommy Zeigler tried to shoot me.” No Ed never said that. Why not? Ed Williams had worked for the Zeigler family for years. Ed’s other problems with the truth in his testimony include the fact that there was no gun residue found in the pockets of his pants that he turned in to the police after the murders. How can that be? Soon the white man Ed Williams told many people about, yet never saying it was Tommy Zeigler who he had worked with for years, turned into being the white man called Tommy Zeigler. Has a man ever lied to save himself from going to prison? Would Ed Williams lie to stay our of prison? Would Ed’s friends and associates lie to help keep Ed out of prison? Does Ed Williams story make sense? Ed was not a trained actor. Many of the events he claimed in detail that happened to him, did in fact happen, but Ed was in on the plot. Ed did not know quadruple murder would be involved. Ed Williams also did not know that the plan of the real white man was to kill all of men in the hired gang to get rid of the all of the witnesses and make it look as if the dead gang pf men were the only ones in on the murders. If the white guy that was molded to be and turned into Tommy Zeigler is replaced with the correct white guys who really were involved, the facts do make sense because they are the truth. Ed Williams could not tell the whole truth about who the white man really was. Everything was working itself out, until Ed heard that Tommy was alive, had made it to the telephone and called for help. Tommy was the white man who was shot and left for dead along with the rest of his family members who went to the furniture store they had owned for 39 years. The real mastermind white man was Tommy Zeigler’s very own brother in law, Perry Edwards Jr.. He is the one who the state of Florida used during their investigation as their Confidential Informant who filled them with dastardly lies about Tommy Zeigler out of pure jealously and greed.

Robert Foster

Was on parole for armed robbery and who the state turned into a typo whose name was listed 4 times on Mr. Zeigler’s  arrest report and for 3 weeks in the newspapers as a star witness against Tommy Zeigler until the day of the preliminary hearing. Newspaper 1   Newspaper 2  Newspaper 3 

The state claims to this very day that Robert Foster is not a real person in the case, that he was, is and always will be a mere a typo by the lead detective. So if the wrong name of the witness was listed in the newspapers for 3 weeks in a row in 1975 and through January 1976,, why didn’t Don Frye call the newspaper office to correct the error of the name of their key material witnesses on a quadruple murder case? No one from the Sheriff’s Department in Orange County was reading the newspaper for 3 weeks? How can this lie still fly? State of Florida’s Detective Don Frye is sticking to his guns on that issue.

Foster was Charlie Mays friend and lived in Orange County at the time of the murders by his own admission.

Charlie Mays

Found dead on store floorHe had the stores receipts and money stuffed into his pants pockets, along with a previous history of gambling away all of his crews money before paying them for their work. Here is Charlie Mays mugshot.  The State of Florida said he had no prior arrests. Was Charlie Mays son Ernie Mays lying to officer Ed Rowe?

Dr. Herb Mac Donell

Prosecution Blood Expert Dr. Herb Mad Donell arrested on sex charges. Dr. Herb Mac Donell claimed falsely that a motive for the murders was that happily married heterosexual man, Tommy Zeigler was secretly a homosexual man cheating on his wife. In 1975, to suggest that a married heterosexual man was a cheating gay man was certain to ruin the reputation of the man and would have helped to secure his conviction for murder. Take a close up look at the mugshot of Dr. Mac Donell, who pointed his finger at Mr. Zeigler, after the the doctor was arrested for lewd sex acts  on young females while threatening to frame his victims for crimes they did not commit if they exposed him. Click here to read that news story.