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DNA Proved Tommy Zeigler Innocent 15 Years Ago  Here

Key material witness who testified that he fired the murder weapons at Zeigler’s request now admits that never happened  Here

It has taken years of hard work to compile all of the documents available on this website. This website contains the work product of investigator Lynn-Marie Carty.


Witness Curtis Dunaway worked at the Zeigler furniture store in Winter Garden, Florida for years before the horrible night of December 24, 1975. Curtis Dunaway cared deeply about the victims. Curtis had to identify their bodies found on the floor of the store on Christmas Eve. Curtis recently went back to the old Zeigler furniture store crime scene with former Pinellas County, FL. Sheriff Everett Rice and Tommy Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty. Curtis Dunaway recalled in great detail how he saw Robert Milton Foster at the crime scene standing under the Zeigler furniture store sign, just as we can see in the crime scene photo of Robert Milton Foster standing under the Zeigler furniture store sign taken by the photographer for the Orlando Sentinel. However, the State of Florida still stands but it’s claims that Robert Foster is NOT a real person in the case. They claim Robert Foster was just simply a “typographical error” that accidentally got into the head of the state’s lead detective Don Frye. Detective Frye used this police witness arrest report with Robert Foster’s name typed on it 4 times as evidence to arrest Tommy Zeigler. Armed with the arrest report stating Robert Foster’s name along with the information given to him about Tommy Zeigler by Robert Foster, Don Frye took Tommy from from his hospital bed as he was recovering from a bullet wound and surgery. Detective Frye then had William Thomas Zeigler Jr. booked into the jail for quadruple murder. So far every court has agreed with the State of Florida detective Don Frye’s version of the story, that Robert Foster is just a ” typographical error” in the murder case. Mr. Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty has spoken to Robert Foster. Investigator Carty’s associate, former Pinellas County, Fl. Sheriff’s captain, now a retired private Investigator Cal Dennie has met with Robert Foster. Both investigators can assure the court, Robert Foster is NOT a typographical error. Robert Milton Foster is a real, live, career felon running free.

The Will

Armed with new evidence and witness testimony it is now very clear to see that the real ” white man” who hired the gang of killers was Tommy’s brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. He was a prison deputy warden in Georgia at the time of the murders. He drove a County truck as jail deputy warden. It was a short wheeled F150 Colquitt County, Ga, vehicle as described by prosecution witness, librarian Hellen Struthers, after she was taken to view every truck owned by the Zeigler family. Ms Struthers stated that  none of those trucks belonging to the Zeigler family were the small truck she said with the letters on the side of the truck door in the shape of an arc when she turned into the Zeigler store parking lot right after Tommy and his family left the store for the day. Perry Jr. was also the secret confidential informant who fed lies to the prosecutions lead detective Don Frye and the first lawman to arrive at the scene Chief Robert Thompson. In order to defame Mr. Zeigler and point suspicion away from himself and toward his brother-in-law Tommy Zeigler, Perry Edwards Jr. made up a story that Tommy was a ” a secret homosexual” who cheated on Eunice with other men all over town. Many of the men on Frye’s list, Tommy’s neighbor Mr. Reeves, Tommy’s family attorney Ted Van Deventer and others, were witnesses for the defense. He claimed that he had a letter written by his sister Eunice to their mother Virginia Edwards that stated Mr. Zeigler was in ” a secret homosexual sex ring with 26 other prominent businessmen.” On Christmas Day 1975 Perry Jr. told this story to Chief Thompson and prosecution lead detective Don Frye. Perry said he had a letter written by his murdered sister Eunice to their murdered mother Virginia Edwards to prove it all. Chief Thompson then went back and shared that information with “just about everyone in the office.” Both Thompson and Frye then called this false information “ a motive for the murders.”The letter was never produced by the prosecution. Detective Don Frye even went so far as to tell the Grand Jury who ended up indicting Tommy Zeigler that Mr. Zeigler  was a secret homosexual. When questioned about it in his deposition, when asked why he would say such a thing without any proof, Don Frye said he was allowed to repeat rumors to the Grand Jury. The fact that Eunice Edwards Zeigler’s antique diamond dinner ring ended up in the hands of Perry Edwards Jr.’s wife speaks volumes. Chief Thompson’s police report was hidden from the defense until it was obtained through a F.O.I request in 1987. On page 13 of the police report below that was hidden from the defense at trial, it reveals that Perry Jr. told lies to Chief Thompson about his brother-in-law Tommy Zeigler. Perry Jr. told Thompson that his father Perry Edwards Sr. did not like Tommy Zeigler. Perry Edwards Jr. was also caught lying to Mr. Zeigler’s original investigators when he continually denied ever having been contacted by any law enforcement officers from the Orange County, FL. State Prosecutors Office. Perry Edwards Jr. lied again when he told Mr. Zeigler’s investigators that he had never even spoken to any law enforcement officers from the Orange County, FL. State Prosecutors Office. Why did Perry Jr. lie?


Tommy Zeigler had successfully quit smoking for 2 years before the murders. Tommy started smoking again in jail. He got his first carton given to him there. In the 1980’s when he was hours away from being put to death, he told God he would stop smoking if his life was spared. The death warrant was not carried out. Tommy kept his promise to God and quit smoking.

As far as Perry Edwards Jr. goes, even though his murdered father who was a Baptist minister and his murdered mother, who was a teacher, did not approve of him growing long hair or facial hair and forbid him to do so, Perry Edwards Jr. did exactly that. In 1976 Perry Edwards Jr. showed up at his parents murder trial looking exactly as he does in this press photo above on the left. Who dis-honors their parents wishes at their murder trial? Perry Edwards Jr.

Mr. Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty took several trips to Colquitt County, Georgia to see what documents were there regarding Perry Edwards Jr. his wife Sandra May Edwards and his parents Mr. and Mrs. Perry Edwards Sr. The facts are that Mr.and Mrs. Perry Edwards Sr. loved their son in law Tommy so much that they removed their Will from the courthouse to change it and make Tommy their new Will executor.They signed their Will out of the courthouse August 6,1975 to change it. Also notice the white out over some of their signatures in the official Will book. Their Will had been in that Will Book at the courthouse since August of 1967. They wanted to remove Perry Jr. from their Will and make Tommy Zeigler their sole Will executor.They did not have a chance to return their amended Will to the courthouse and sign it back in. Instead they were murdered while in the process. But their son Perry Edwards Jr. brought the same Will that his parents had signed out to amend but never had the chance to, back to the court house after being made the sole executor of the Will. Perry Jr. brought the old Will his parents checked out of the courthouse back to the courthouse to become the executor on January 7, 1976. That was the day his sister Eunice’s dead body was buried in Winter Garden, FL. Perry Edwards Jr. did not attend his only sibling, sister Eunice’s wedding either.

Tommy With WFLA News Anchor Keith Cate Discussing Perry Edwards Jr.

Tommy discussing the fact that his in-laws Mr. and Mrs. Perry Edwards Sr. asked him to take over as their new Will executor one month before the murders. Their intention was to remove their son Perry Edwards Jr.

The Flawed Assets Check By A Georgia Law Firm

The flawed assets check done for Tommy’s defense team by a Georgia law firm, failed to reveal all of the assets that Mr. and Mrs. Perry Edwards Senior really had. It only revealed one small home and one small boat. It appears the Senior Edwards’ assets in Georgia were all that were checked. The large asset of the prized farm land in North Florida was totally missed in the official assets check in January of 1976. Sole heir Perry Edwards Jr. was determined not to lose his power or his future farm to his brother in law Tommy Zeigler, who his parents so desperately wanted to be their new Will executor. When Perry Jr.’s sister Eunice made the first Will of her life in April 1975, she left all of her present and future assets to her husband Tommy Zeigler . If something happened to Tommy, his parents Tom and Beulah were next in line. Then if Tommy and his parents were dead Eunice’s Will stated that Tommy’s family business attorney Ted Van Deventer would be next in line as Eunice’s executor. The Senior Edwards’ old Will had their son Perry Edwards Jr. and their daughter Eunice Zeigler as their executors. They would split their parents prized farm land upon the death of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards. But Mr. and Mrs. Edwards were in the process of removing their son Perry and daughter Eunice as their executors and making their son-in-law, Tommy Zeigler their new executor sole due to his proven business skills.

 Drug Dealing Hit Man Named Slim

                Slim                               Deputy Gene Jones

Georgia Deputy Gene Jones has provided new information to Mr. Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty about a man he knew named Slim. Both Perry Edwards Jr. and a drug dealing hit man from Georgia by the name of Slim hung out at the same bar. The bar was called “The Monkey’s Corner.” It was about as large as a small garage. Slim’s cover for his drug dealing business in Winter Garden, FL. and Oakland, FL was that he sharpened the tools of the migrant workers while they were in the fields. Felton Thomas Jr. made a statement in his court testimony that he was worried about what the ” white man” was going to do because he was ” acting kind of strange when we were on the truck getting our tools sharpened earlier that day.” Tommy’s defense lawyers claimed that a 22 caliber bullet missing from the murder scene walked out the door inside someone’s body. In State Attorney Bob Eagan’s closing argument he confirmed to the jury that there was a 22 caliber bullet missing from the crime scene that most likely would never be found. The statements of both the defense and prosecution about a 22 caliber bullet being missing from the crime scene are also bolstered by the statements of NAACP tipster, Mr.Nathaniel Brown. Mr. Brown was a witnesses who was on the original witness list. Mr. Browns tip contained information about one of the remaining men holed up in Oakland, FL. with a 22 bullet wound to his right shoulder Nathaniel Brown was never able to testify at the trial because the State Attorney Bob Eagan told Defense Attorney Ralph Hadley that the witness was dead, that he died in a shoot out in New York. That was a lie that was not uncovered until this year. Information provided to the Defense team before they were lied to and told Brown was dead, revealed that he too had heard that one of the perpetrators of the Zeigler murders took a bullet to the shoulder and was hiding out in Oakland, FL. Slim took a 22 bullet to his right shoulder at the end of 1975 in a fight with a large black man who went by the nickname of Bear. How many people is it logical to believe were shot with a 22 caliber bullet at the end of 1975 and lived in the Southern Region of our country? What we know now for sure is that the one person Slim, was a drug dealing hit man who took a 22 bullet to his right shoulder at the end of 1975, Slim is the exact same man who hung out at the same Georgia bar that Perry Edwards Jr. did. The bar that was the size of a one car garage called ” The Monkey’s Corner”. Slim was a tool sharpener for the migrant workers in Winter Garden and Oakland, Fl. as his cover for selling drugs. In his deposition testimony star witness for the prosecution Felton Thomas Jr. said that ” the white man” told him to get back inside the white man’s vehicle that was in front of the Zeigler store. Then Felton Thomas also stated that as ” the white man” walked into the Zeigler Furniture Store with Charlie Mays, Felton thought to himself, something is wrong here because he/the white man, was “acting kind of strange when he was on the truck when everybody was trying to get their tools sharpened” that morning so, ” I hauled buggy” and went to Tri-City Plaza. Felton Thomas also said that the Food World in Tri-City Plaza was already closed when he got over there.

A Key Material Witness Alive And Not A Typo

r11Foster Escapes2

A star witness who the state claimed existed then changed their minds and called him nothing more than a “ typographical error” has been “ brought back to life”. His name is Robert Milton Foster. He is a career felon with many prison escapes. This may be why the state of Florida turned Robert Milton Foster into a “typo” to save their conviction of Tommy Zeigler from crumbling by putting the felon on the stand to testify against Mr. Zeigler who had never been arrested in his life. Law enforcement has shared with me that the only way a prison inmate can possibly have as many prison escapes on his record as Robert Milton Foster does is if he was working on one of prison outside road crews.  After Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty found out that Charlie May’s friend Robert Foster was alive and well and not a typo, former Pinellas County Florida Sheriff’s Captain now Private Investigator Cal Dennie made a personal visit to see Robert Milton Foster. Even though the lead detective for the state of Florida Don Frye has recently admitted on tape for a national television documentary that the Gulf Station across the street from the furniture store actually really was robbed on the night of and within the hour of the murders, the current Orange County, FL. State Attorney Jeff Ashton can be viewed and heard in a recent news special, mocking the fact that we have located Robert Foster. This is the same Robert Foster who was good friends with Charlie Mays who was found dead on the Zeigler store floor.This is the same Robert Foster that he did rob the Gulf Station on the night of the murders directly across the street from the Zeigler store. The prosecution hid the police report from the defense regarding the robbery of the Gulf Station.The fact that the Gulf Station was robbed was only found out about it now that Zeigler’s investigator met and interviewed on of the robbery victims. We have located Robert Foster and now state’s detective Don Frye decided to admit that, ” Yes the robbery happened but it had nothing to do with the murders and Robert Foster was not involved. Robert Foster is Not a ” typo” as the state claimed he was only after they used an arrest report with Robert Foster’s damning statements against Tommy to arrest him from his hospital bed. Robert Foster did also in fact go back to the Zeigler store hours after the murders and was standing with Charlie Mays widow Mattie Mays in the crowd outside the store. Then by his own admission, Felton Thomas Jr. and his brother in law drove back by the store late that night and picked up ” a tall guy nick named ” Jerry” he was kinda high” who was standing back there with the crowd in the Zeigler store parking lot. That man was Robert Foster. Ed Williams land lady Mary Wallace has recently identified Robert Milton Foster as the umpire she watched play on many occasions on the Winter Garden soft ball filed during games in the season right before the murders. Foster played on the softball team with May Wallace’s husband Dean Wallace and Charlie Mays. Mary Wallace was in charge of the softball  score rosters. Dean Wallace ran the Winter Garden recreational department as his full time job. Mary Wallace saw Robert Milton Foster, Ed Williams and Charlie Mays together with her very own eyes many times in the months before the murders. In a recent interview with Mr. Zeigler’s investigator Lynn-Marie Carty, Mary Wallace verified emphatically that Foster, Williams and Mays all knew each other. They played on the same softball team together.There was one more softball fanatic involved in the Zeigler murders. He and his wife Sandra May Edwards were at the Zeigler murder trial every day. His name was Perry Edwards Jr. and he glowed about his love of the game of softball to the Orlando Sentinel reporter at Tommy’s murder trial. Perry Edwards Jr. told the reporter that after long days at Tommy’s murder trial he played softball until 1:00 AM. In the Orlando Sentinel news article Perry Jr.’s wife Sandra raved about how the Florida State Attorney Bob Eagan, who was later investigated for corruption in another case and who states investigator Jack Bachman was called as a witness for at that trial, was so much like Perry Edwards Jr.’s daddy, Mr. Perry Edwards Sr. In the same newspaper story shared with the reporter about his deputy prison warden duties of running the prison softball teams and the road crews. He talked of working the prisoners hard on the road crews where he was the prisoners supervisor. This brief along with these exhibits with the newly uncovered evidence was filed in court on April 11, 2012 by the Zeigler Defense team concerning the unearthing of Typo Robert Milton Foster

Eye, Ear Witnesses Ken and Linda Roach

Ken Roach, his wife Linda and their children, were on the scene when the murders occurred. Then they contacted the Orange County, FL. State Attorneys Office to share the information their ears heard and their eyes saw. They were told their information was not needed. Ken Roach and his wife Linda saw and heard the most important evidence of all in the Zeigler case. They passed two polygraph tests regarding what they saw and heard that night. Their sworn statements tell it all.

Ken Roach 1  Ken Roach 2  Ken Roach 3   Linda Roach 1  Linda Roach 2  Linda Roach 3

WFTV Reporter Kathi Belich Concerned Tommy Zeigler Was Secretly Gay

In 2013 in Orange County, Orlando, FL at the same press conference as Ken Roach is shown speaking at above, on Mr. Zeigler’s 68th birthday,  WFTV reporter Kathi Belich was very concerned. Her concern was about the rumors from the original states case in 1975. The rumor that William Thomas Zeigler was ” gay” a secret homosexual, cheating on his beloved wife Eunice with 26 other prominent businessmen in a sex ring. In 2013 WFTV reporter Kathi Belich was in fact, still repeating the vicious rumor of the lie about Tommy Zeigler. Little did reporter Kathi Belich know that Tommy’s own brother-in-law Perry Edwards Jr, successfully started the lies. Perry Jr. was used by the prosecution’s lead detective Don Frye as his Confidential Informant for the state of Florida! Perry Edwards Jr. used his lies about Tommy to feed them to the prosecution’s lead detective and police chief, Don Frye and Chief Robert Thompson. Perry Edwards Jr. made up these lies as a motive for the murders in order to point suspicion away from himself to get his brother-in-law Tommy convicted. It worked as you can see. Asking about Mr. Zeigler’s rumored homosexuality was a top priority for WFTV reporter Kathi Belich. At this presser in Orlando we shared a lot of the stunning new developments we had recently unearthed, showing exonerating evidence on Mr. Zeigler’s behalf. However even with all the press, their microphones and cameras, they did not care to share our new evidence with their viewing audiences. It’s seems the prosecution and the press in Orange County, Orlando, Fl. make their own rules, including press black outs of new information that they don’t deem important to share with their viewers.

Pinellas County, FL. Sheriff Of 16 Years Everett Rice

Everett Rice has put men on Florida’s death row. After a recent review of all the newly uncovered evidence, Sheriff Rice was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times and subsequently in the Washington Post newspapers. Everett Rice believes that Mr. Zeigler did not receive a fair trial by any standards. He also stated that it was not up to lead detective Don Frye to decide if the jury did not need to know anything about the armed robbery at the Gulf Station on the night of the murders directly across the street, that Don Frye now admits did in fact happen but declared that Foster was not involved in . ” That is a jury question.” said Rice.

Chief Robert Thompson’s Hidden Police Report:

Police Report Intro       Police Report Page 1      Police Report Page 2  Police Report Page 3

Police Report Page 4    Police Report Page 5     Police Report Page 6   Police Report Page 7

Police Report Page 8     Police Report Page 9   Police Report Page 10    Police Report Page 11

Police Report Page 12   Police Report Page 13

Daughter of Chief Robert Thompson Ms. Christine Cooper

CC at PChief Robert Thompson photo
Ms. Cooper just completed a stunning report on Florida’s new ” Timely Justice Act.”
This new law was passed by Florida Governor Rick Scott to speed up the executions in the state of Florida however how can this be logical, fair or legal since as you can see by Ms.Cooper’s factual report Florida holds the grand prize for the most wrongful convictions out of any state in the United States of America.The quotes included in Ms. Cooper’s report by Florida Representative’s Matt Gatez and Rob Bradley, who passed the bill seem like words of people who don’t value human life.

 Florida Representative Matt Gaetz            Florida Governor Rick Scott            Florida Representative Rob Bradley

*Robbery Map

Newly Unearthed, Hidden Police Report December 25, 1975

Averted Armed Robbery Report Eye Witnesses At The TGY And Food World Store In Tri-City Plaza

What appeared to be ( see report part 1 here) another averted armed robbery, to the witnesses who reported what they had just observed, at 9:00 pm on the night of the murders, was really in fact some of the suspicious activity of a few of the gang of men involved in the Zeigler murders, meeting up across the street from the store in the dark space located between the Food World and TG & Y stores. Click Here and Click Here for additional supplemental police report also hidden from the Zeigler Defense Team, Judge and Jury at the murder trial in 1976. The suspicious men were standing in the dark between the TGY and the Food World grocery store’s at Tri-City Plaza located just 528 Feet from the Zeigler Store. The men drove the same older model blue over dark blue car that was seen at Tommy’s home by his neighbor Mr. Reeves from 8:10 pm until the last time he looked which was 8:40 pm. The same vehicle that Wyman Lee Jones saw in front of the Zeigler store at: 7:45 pm. The same vehicle that Pat and Dick Smith saw in front of the Zeigler store at 7:57 pm. The same vehicle that was seen by Ken and Linda Roach at 7:22 pm. The same vehicle seen by witness for the prosecution Barbara Woodard and her friend Jett Almastine in front of the store as they sat parked right next to the large dark vehicle at 7:40 pm. The same vehicle that was seen cruising up and down the street in front of Tommy and Eunice’s house earlier in the day on the afternoon of the murders. The vehicle that was reported by their neighbors, the Reeves Family who saw the vehicle with the 3 African American men in it. Once the suspicious men standing in the dark at Tri City Plaza saw Officer Blalock rush to her vehicle and leave the area, they too jumped in their vehicle and fled Tri-City Plaza. Officer Blalock was told by her boss officer Jimmy Yawn to get across the street to the Zeigler store. She too fled the Tri-City Plaza in a hurry and went directly across the street. When she got there Yawn told her there had been a robbery at the Zeigler store. He told her to go cover the back of the Zeigler store right away. It was only natural for witnesses observing all of these actions of the suspicious car and the suspicious men fleeing the area and of Officer Blalock fleeing the area, to have been thinking the men were trying to go after officer Blaylock. That was how the witnesses explained the situation their statements in the hidden police report. The spot where what was reported as an averted armed robbery took place was located directly across the street from and within feet of the Zeigler Store. The averted armed robbery was actually happening just after 9:10 PM as Tommy, his wife and in-laws lay bleeding to death on the floor of the furniture store after being shot by a gang and left for dead. Star Key Material Witness for the prosecution, Ed Williams just so happened to be picked up by prosecution witness Rogenia Thomas and her sister Catherine about 15 minutes after closing time outside the KFC restaurant located directly across the street from the Zeigler store. Ed Williams left the store at the same time that Ed Nolan’s brother left the KFC store. Ed Williams, by his own admission and the testimony of the prosecution’s witness and other witnesses as well, was just steps away from the men involved in the suspicious activity that was reported as an averted armed robbery, at the same moment it was occurring. The time Ed Williams arrived at the KFC was shortly after 9:15 PM. This was the exact same time as the suspicious activity of the strange men was reported to be happening, in the same shopping plaza just steps away. Ed Williams left the KFC around 9:24 PM according to the statements of JD. Nolan and his wife and around 9:15 according to the statements of Ed Nolan. The witnessed and reported suspicious activity was really some of the men who were involved in the Zeigler murders, meeting up across the street from the furniture store in the darkened space located between the T G & Y and Food World stores. All of these actions were happening within 528 feet of each other at the exact same time, 9:10 PM. This according to the eye witnesses statements and times documented on the hidden police report. No wonder the police report was hidden from the Defense, Judge and Jury at the 1976 Zeigler murder trial. The hidden police report placed the suspicious men standing in the dark, within feet of Ed Williams as he was arriving at the KFC. Both Ed Williams and the suspicious men were within feet of the murder victims at the Zeigler store. All this was happening as the victims were bleeding to death on the floor of the Zeigler furniture store. Does the court really still believe that Ed Williams was just old honest Ed Williams? Where is the logic? Where is the Justice?

Gulf-station-A-150x150Tri-City View

Averted armed robbery involving Winter Garden police officer Cindy Blalock

Although officer Cindy Blalock and TG& Y store manager George Daniels both testified at Mr. Zeigler’s murder trial, they failed to mention one word about the averted armed robbery. Both Winter Garden, FL. Police Officer Cindy Blalock and TG& Y store manager Daniels were involved as witnesses in the averted armed robbery that took place within the hour of the Zeigler store murders. The time it took for Officer Blalock to abandon the TG&Y money drop, jump in her vehicle, at the orders of her boss officer Yawn and then for her to get across the street immediately, puts Officer Blalock in back of the Winter Garden Inn at the exact same moments that the Jellison Family swore to the prosecution and also in a taped interview with Florida prosecutors office state investigator Jack Bachman, that they saw the officer out side their motel room with a shot gun trained across the hood of the police car covering the back of the Zeigler store. The Jellison family whose tape recorded witness testimony was hidden by the prosecution from the defense until 1987, saw the officer with a shot gun aimed at the back of the Zeigler store and then heard the shots. Officer Yawn testified that he immediately armed officer Blalock with a shotgun. Yawn told her to get to the back of the Winter Garden Inn to cover the back of the Zeigler store. The police call sheets show the timing of these events. The averted armed robbery was so important to the police department of Winter Garden FL. that they issued an emergency of danger on the teletype, warning all other police officers and law enforcement agencies to be on the look out for the suspicious men traveling in the large dark blue, older model, 4 door faded vehicle. Detective for the prosecution Don Frye has just recently admitted that the Gulf Station robbery did in fact occur on the same night and within the hours of the Zeigler murders, but Don added he decided that robbery had nothing to do with the murders. The Gulf Station was located in the same Tri-City Plaza as the TGY store on the opposite end of the shopping plaza. How many armed robberies is it logical to assume could possibly occurred within feet of a quadruple murder scene at the same moments and not be related to the murders? What are the odds of the suspicious vehicle’s license plate tag number owners address being the exact same address as prosecution witness Frank Smith’s address 2919 Orange Center Blvd? The same Frank Smith who testified against Tommy Zeigler swearing that he spoke to Tommy aka ” the white man” on the telephone months before the murders, at the request of Ed Williams to help Tommy buy some ” hot guns”. The same address in Orlando, FL. of 2919 Orange Center Blvd is where Frank Smith testified he lived at all alone in a 2 bedroom apartment.That is the same street address that Ed Williams testified he went to and picked up two of the murder weapons from Frank Smith. Why did Ed Williams wait 3 months to tell police that he was involved in buying the murder weapons from Frank Smith? Ed Williams spoke to the police on the very night of the murders and could have told them this information on that night or any day over the next 3 months. Ed Williams never mentioned a word about any of it to the police until 3 months after the murders. How on earth can the courts continue to claim that Ed Williams was just innocent old honest Ed Williams? Frank Smith died October 28, 2004 and took his secrets with him to his grave.

Click Here to read Fatal Flaw it’s a fantastic book that my friend Phil Finch wrote about Tommy Zeigler’s wrongful conviction.

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