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Published on April 26, 2015

Prosecution Detective Don Frye Says Tommy’s Blood In Vehicle And Witness Saw Man Looked Like Tommy

State of Florida Prosecution Detective Don Frye says blood was found in the vehicle of Curtis Dunaway and infers the blood belonged to Tommy Zeigler. He also says that a witness saw a man who looked just like Tommy standing in the doorway of the Zeigler store between 8:00pm and 8:30pm. But that is not what the witness actually testified to at all. She testified that at 7:40pm she and her friend saw a tall thin white man with short hair and a dark blue jacket standing in the doorway of the Zeigler store. That is not the time the witness said she was there. Tommy Zeigler had on a red/orange colored shirt and not a blue jacket. Also even though the witness had known Tommy Zeigler, quote, ” all of my life” she still could not testify that the white man she saw in the doorway of the store was William Thomas Zeigler Jr.  Contrary to what Don Frye has repeated in the attached video, the witness never said that she was sure the man was Tommy Zeigler. Detective Frye has taken the liberty of changing the words of the witness who testified  into his own words and made up  his own version of the facts. Detective Don Frye has known since February 26, 1976 that the blood in the vehicle ” cannot not be established”. He even wrote a letter to his boss state attorney Bob Eagan saying that fact. He signed and dated the letter. With a man life on the line as he sits caged for 39 years and counting on Florida’s Death Row, Don Frye makes up his own version of the facts and repeats them over and over refusing to admit he is wrong. Refusing to admit that his ” investigation” has stolen 39 years of the life of an innocent suffering victim who is his and our fellow man.

Here’s What Detective Don Frye Has To Say In His Own Words About Himself And Wrongful Arrest Cases


Homicide/Death Investigations / Investigator Supervisor, State Attny’s Ofc, 9th Judicial Circuit (Orlando)

Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando, Florida & State Attorney’s Office, 9th Judicial Circuit

1971 – 1996 (25 years)Orlando, Florida Area

Have the ability to consider factors other investigator’s miss. Resolved approximately 95% of all homicides worked with full confessions in all but three cases. Have an uncanny ability to have people tell the truth, regardless of their involvement in a serious investigation. Crime scene reconstruction is also a specialty. I have been successful in several cases giving closure to family’s wherein a family member went missing and in most cases was later found to have been the victim of a suspicious death. There too are times when family member’s have serious doubts about a law enforcement agency’s final decision as to the manner of death, i.e. suicide -vs- homicide. I can, in most such situations, explain why the agency derived at their decision, or, I have found in a few cases where the agency was totally wrong. Lastly. The three best achievements in my career came when I was able to show that three individuals, all separate felony cases, had been wrongfully arrested. These arrest were for very serious 1st Degree Felony charges. These cases were investigated by different investigator’s. However, following my involvement in theses cases all the individuals were immediately released from custody and all charges were dismissed.

Published on Apr 16, 2015

William Thomas Zeigler Jr. Speaking To His Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty Regarding His Solved Case

Published on Apr 16, 2015

Prosecution Detective Don Frye Good Friends With Perry Edwards Jr. Stayed Tight With Ed Williams

Prosecution Detective Don Frye Good Friends With Perry Edwards and stayed ” tight” with Ed Williams. Frye tells Mr. Eagan he loves him but disagrees with him. Prosecutions Don Frye danced with the devil when he engaged and befriended and spent the night at the home of the real master mind of the Zeigler murders, Perry Edwards Jr.

Huffington Post April 22, 2012

Tommy Zeigler Murder Case: Advocates Keep Swinging For Death Row Inmates Innocence

Letter To Jeb Bush From Dave Burgin Former VP of the Orlando Sentinel

Burgin Page 1  Burgin Page 2   Burgin Page 3 Burgin Page 4

Tampa Bay WFLA Keith Cate’s News Special on Mr. Zeigler’s Case and “Timely Justice Act”

” Death On Hold”

Tampa Bay Times February 23, 2014

Local Investigator Hopes Withheld Evidence Will Help Free Death Row Inmate

Washington Post March 18, 2014

New Doubts In 39 Year Old Death Penalty Case

Innocence Is Not Enough To Get You Out Of Prison March 11, 2015

Scalia’s Embarrassing Questions

New York Prosecution Blood Expert Dr. Herb MacDonell Is A “Sexpert” As Tommy Zeigler Sits Waiting For Justice Caged 39 Years And Counting In Florida

Forensic Fraud Dr. Herb MacDonell Zeigler Murder Trial Prosecution Blood Expert

Click On Text Below To View Video Of Prosecution Witness Don Frye

Prosecution Detective Don Frye Interview 2014 Explaining His Own Blood Expert Demonstration. Frye Says Tommy Planted His Own Shoulder Holster To Make It Look Real Good. What Killer Does That?? One Who Is Framing Another.

Published on Apr 10, 2015

Prosecution Detective Don Frye admitting Gulf Station Robbery did happen within feet of and within the hour of Zeigler murders. This Information was hidden from the defense and jury at trial.

Frye Trial Testimony in 1976 Regarding Mr. Zeigler’s Arrest Warrant Compared To His Video Taped Interview Last Year Which Version Is True?

Here is Prosecution Detective Don Frye’s Trial Testimony Claiming He Filled Out Arrest Report

Tommy Zeigler’s Shoe Prints Charlie Mays Shoes Florida Prosecution Detective Don Frye

Published on Apr 9, 2015

For the prosecution the state of Florida’s case had lead Detective Don Frye from the Orange County Florida Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, FL . Here he is saying on tape last year that William Thomas Zeigler Jr’s shoe prints matched the one found at that crime scene and that his where the only ones in the store I will attach proof of FBI’s findings proving that they didn’t match by attaching the page from by dear friend and guardian angel Phil Finch’s book that show both the FBI print Not matching photo and the photo of the bottom of Charlie Mays shoes caked with blood. Proof via FBI reports and pictures say so much more than words.This man was in charge of Tommy Zeigler’s life.

The Truth About The Shoe Print NOT Matching Mr. Zeigler Via The F.B.I. Report On The Matter

Published on Apr 10, 2015

Detective For Prosecution Speaks About Zeigler’s Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty

Locating Typo, Career Felon And Friend Of Dead Victim Charlie Mays, Robert Milton Foster

Prosecution Witness Ed Williams’ former land lady from 1975 verified In 2014 that the gang of men did know each other and she knew each of the men. Mary Wallace identifying Robert Foster she knew him personally. Robert Foster was not and is not “A Typo.”

Published on Apr 11, 2015

Ed Williams, Robert Foster and Charlie Mays  all knew each other. That ‘s what Mary Wallace who was Ed Williams landlady in 1975 knew for sure. She saw Ed Williams within hours of the murders when Ed stopped to speak with her.

Mary Wallace Described Robert Foster To Investigators But Prosecution Had Him In Protective Custody

Mary Wallace described Robert Foster to investigators but the prosecution had him in protective custody and investigators could not locate him.

Mary Wallace Saw Ed Williams,Charlie Mays and Robert Foster Together With Her Own Eyes

Published on Apr 12, 2015

Mary Wallace was Ed Williams landlady. She saw all of the men in the gang together at the ball field with her very own eyes.

Who really bought the guns Ed Williams waited 3 months after the murders to tell the police about?

The receipt for the gun buy proves that Frank Smith purchased the guns for Ed Williams. It took Ed Williams 3 months after the murders to even reveal this fact to the police. Both Frank Smith and Ed Williams testified that they did know each other.Today Tommy Zeigler sits in his cage for his 39th year awaiting his justice to somehow be given.

More of Frye’s bald face lies about Tommy on tape and the proof of the lies in sworn testimony

Published on Apr 15, 2015

Prosecution Detective Don Frye says unbeknownst to his friend Curtis Dunaway, Tommy Zeigler told him he was taking his car. The testimony of Mr. Dunaway says the is a lie.Curtis Dunaway testified that his car was not working properly on Christmas Eve and Tommy was trying to be kind to Curtis who was concerned about his car and knew nothing about vehicles but loaning him Eunice’s car so Curtis would not break down and get stuck on the road on Christmas. Here is t Don Frye, he is the detective for the prosecution against Tommy Zeigler. In his video interview he is blaming more things on Tommy that Tommy did not do. Attached is the sworn testimony of Curtis Dunaway telling the truth of the matter. Tommy was being kind and offered his help. Tommy did not force Curtis to accept his help that night. Curtis welcome the help. How many lies by the prosecutions lead detective are too many?

Prosecutions Detective Don Frye Evidence Truth and Fiction about Tommy using” both of these blacks” and ” Tommy wore a rubber glove”

Prosecution Detective Don Frye says Tommy got ” both of these blacks again who were yes sir, yes sir Mr. Tommy, knowing they would do what he said.” Frye also said that Tommy Zeigler had on a rubber glove, however the evidence of the testing of the glove proves that contrary to Frye’s theory, Tommy’s fingerprint was not found in the glove as Jeff Ashton claimed in court at the DNA hearing over a decade ago, that proved William Thomas Zeigler Jr.s innocence. Also the blood found in the glove tip was A antigen. Tommy Zeigler’s blood is not A it is O. Prosecution Detective Don Frye wrote a memo to State Attorney Bob Eagan in 1976 and knows the real truth about the results of the blood evidence in the Zeigler case. He just hopes no one else does. Here are the results and Frye’s letter proving he knows them. Also Frye’s theory claims that Tommy had a brutal fight with his father in law Perry Edwards Jr. while in the midst of killing his father in law. The fact of the matter is that none of Tommy’s father in laws DNA was found on Tommy’s shirt via DNA testing over a decade.

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